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Will the Housing Market Plummet?

Experts are predicting that the housing market will plateau and not crash or plummet.

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House Prices Set to Rise by 15% in 2021 – Do you trust the experts?

#RealEstate #Property #HeiseSays House prices are set to rise by 15% in 2021 and then enter a “soft-landing” of only 5% growth. Are we starting to hear the same rhetoric from the experts as just before other property crashes? References Australian house prices to rise by 15 per cent this year but slow in 2022 […]

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Families Fleeing Lockdown – Finally a Housing Affordability Solution?

Families are fleeing the lockdown and moving away from capital cities.

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55% of Tasmanians in Mortgage Crisis

55% of Tasmanian’s with a mortgage are in crisis according to a recent choice survey.