Gaming for 15k Hours

I enjoy relaxing and playing computer games. We even have a family Minecraft server and have a LAN party with the kids. But spending 15,000 hours playing computer games is a tremendous amount of time to invest, which amounts to a relaxing hobby. (If this person were a professional streamer, 15k hours would be work […]

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$165 m Perth Apartment Development Shelved

Perth Developer Sirona Urban have shelved the $165 million 28 Lyall project.

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Will Crashing Iron Ore Prices Lead to Recession?

Will crashing Iron Ore Prices Lead to Australia’s next Recession?

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Cuts to Community Service and Fears of Rising Rates

Cuts to Community Service and fears of rising rates as local Councils, struggling to keep regional airports operating at a loss are forgotten by the Federal Government’s new 1.2 Billion Dollar Tourism Package.

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Fake Auction Clearance Rates Exposed

Exposing the truth behind Auction Clearance Rates.