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Dodgy Child Care Centres

#AusPol #ChildCare #DayCare Dodgy Child Care Centres have been costing the federal government over 670 million dollars and help fund terrorist and bikie gangs. Is this just part of the deadweight loss when the government get involved in an industry? How could NSW let people set-up a child care centre online? (Note: please forgive some […]

AUSPol Multiculturalism

Melbourne Home Invasions

#AusPol #Victoria #Crime Four men have undertaken a horrific crime spree with a horrific home invasion in Melbourne. While listening to one of the victims open up about the invasion on radio remind yourself of which politicians voted against recent laws that would have allowed people to defend themselves. References


Egg Boy Donates $100,000

EggBoy #Protest #AusPOL Egg Boy has donated close to $100,000 to a Christchurch charity. While I am glad that he decided to donate the money, I am not happy that GoFundMe is facilitating acts of political violence. I’m also surprised that he still has a social media platform, because he is an advocate of violence […]

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Australia’s Obsession with Cheap Solar Panels

#SolarPanels #Faulty #CarbonCredits Australia has an obsession with cheap domestic solar panels. From unwarranted carbon credits, unsafe installations and faulty products, let’s have a look at this example of how government involvement in the market binding the invisible hand. References Australia’s obsession with cheap solar is derailing the market, insiders say

AUSPol Climate Change

Extinction Rebellion in Melbourne

#ClimateChange #Melbourne #ExtinctionRebellion Extinction Rebellion protested in Melbourne today. Another case of fear mongering and confirmation bias driving people to protest and act like cultists. Reference Snap ‘climate emergency’ rally to disrupt parts of Melbourne CBD at middayhttp:// 1920

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Tanya Plibersek isn’t Running for the Leadership

#AusPOL #Labor #WageGap Tanya Plibersek has decided to not run for the leadership of the Labor party because she wants to put her family first. As she has turned down an opportunity for a significant pay raise and promotion, do you think she know understands why there is an earnings gap? References Tanya Plibersek has […]

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The Universal Declaration of Human Rights

#HumanRights #Facebook #UN Given the recent case with Israel Folau and the removal of several people from Social Media and Financial Processing services, I thought it would be time to read the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. I’m starting to think many of the big tech companies might need to read it again themselves.

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Mintabie Launches Federal Court Legal Action

#Mintabie #Eviction #Discrimination The town of Mintabie has taken the South Australian Government to Federal Court. They are claiming that the APY Act is in breach of the Anti-Discrimination Act. Does excluding people based on their race seem fair to you? Why is ethnic exclusion good for one group and not another? References My Original […]

ALP (Party) AUSPol Election 2019

Election 2019 – Political Violence in Australia

#Election2019 #ShiftTheWindow #AusPol Sadly our recent federal election has seen some acts of political violence that are very unusually for Australia. Can you guess which side the violence is coming from? References One Nation truck set on fire

AUSPol One Nation (Party)

Election 2019 – Could One Nation Win Hunter

#Election2019 #ShiftTheWindow #AusPol Stuart Bonds who was running for the house of reps in Hunter NSW has achieved an amazing 21% primary vote results. Could he win One Nation’s first house of reps seat and wrestle Hunter away from 100 years of Labor complacency? Let’s have a look at the current results and theory craft […]