Environmental Veganism is Pointless – References

#VeganActivism #Environmentalism #CarbonOffset

Today we look at the claims that a Vegan diet is good for the environment and find that a year’s worth of veganism is equal to two cups of coffee. We then look at some Carbon Offset projects in Australia and I am surprised at the lack of innovation.

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How Much Does It Cost To Become Carbon Neutral For An Entire Year?


The Carbon Market Institute


Aboriginal Carbon Foundation


Ban the Beef?


The Vegan Uprising has begun

#VeganActivism #Dominion #AnimalActivists

Vegan activists have staged protests in several cities throughout Australia, further cementing public frustration, all because they wanted everyone to watch a documentary.

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Animal activists protest across the country, storm abattoirs, block Melbourne’s Flinders St


Animal Activists to be Fined – References

#VeganActivism #Queensland #AnimalActivists

Queensland is introducing “strong” new laws that allow police and agricultural department officials to issue On The Spot Fine, worth hundreds, to Animal Activists. I’m just waiting for the go-fundme campaigns to appear.


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Strong new laws to meet invading animal activists at the farm gate


Vegan Activists Win – Gippy Goat Closes

#VeganActivism #GippyGoat #AnimalActivists

It looks like the Vegan Animal Activists have won and their illegal behaviour has cost eight people their jobs and closed down a business because Gippy Goat Cafe just announced their closure. If you want to know why men are going MGTOW, I present these girls as an example.

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The Gippy Goat Cafe Facebook Page


Radio Interview