Gaming for 15k Hours

I enjoy relaxing and playing computer games. We even have a family Minecraft server and have a LAN party with the kids. But spending 15,000 hours playing computer games is a tremendous amount of time to invest, which amounts to a relaxing hobby. (If this person were a professional streamer, 15k hours would be work time.)

15k wasted playing games.

When I was a teenager, I noticed myself spending too much time playing computer games and going online; we did have the internet in the 90s, so on my initiative, I moved my computer out of my bedroom into the family office.

Currently, we’re living in a small rental with all of the family computers surrounding the living room, and we work, play games and watch shows together or within earshot. While it mightn’t look pretty, it’s working well while allowing us to monitor our kids’ online time.

We intend to design a communal study/computer room in our house renovation. The person in the image, an online friend of a friend, has wasted their 20s & 30s playing computer games with nothing other than steam achievements to show for it.

That challenge as parents is raising computer and technology-literate children while ensuring they don’t fall victim to the NEET (Not in Education, Employment or Training) lifestyle pretending they are achieving something, killing time playing games.