Fatherlessness Part One – References

Fatherlessness Part One
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Some of these statistics are shocking.



A ‘dad’ is tenth most popular Christmas list request for children


Statistics of a Fatherless America


Gillette The Best A SoyBoy Can Get
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Their products were overpriced anyway.


The Best Men Can Be


Blair Cottrells St Kilda Speech – References

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Polite society doesn’t like talking about working-class issues.


2019 JAN 05 AUSTRALIAN AWAKENING: (Unshackled) Raw Footage What Happened at; St Kilda Rally

2019 JAN 05 AUSTRALIAN AWAKENING: (Unshackled) Raw Footage What Happened at; St Kilda Rally

*REMEMBER THE GOLDEN RULE* MAINSTREAM MEDIA FAKE NEWS ** LIES TO AUSTRALIA!Original Source ‘The Unshackled’: Raw footage from The Unshackled's Facebook Livestream of Political Meeting at St Kilda Beach about African Crime in Melbourne today Saturday 5th January 2019.It features speeches from patriot activist Blair Cottrell, meeting organiser Neil Erikson, Ricky Turner from ‘Cooks Convicts’, and Kane Miller leader of the ‘True Blue Crew’.ORIGINAL SOURCE YOUTUBE: The Unshackled, Published on Jan 4, 2019** NO MANIPULATION OF THE FACTS ** YOU WATCH YOU DECIDE! THINK FOR YOURSELF! STOP RELYING ON THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA FEED, IT IS POISON TO YOUR MIND.

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The Australian Education Decline – References

The Australian Education Decline
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We need innovation and freedom.




SMH: UN agency ranks Australia 39 out of 41 countries for quality education


Education Matters: UNICEF report card ranks Australia 39/41 in education


An Unfair Start Inequality in Children’s Education in Rich Countries