Aboriginal Council Evicting a White Town – References

Mintabie #Eviction #Discrimination

I look at the case of Mintabie and the eviction of an entire town. Looking at a recently published article from the ABC and a government report it seems like the residents are being discriminated against based on their race because they will need a permit to even access the land. Essentially the aboriginal authority can create an ethnic state and restrict public access to their territory.



2017 Review of the Mintabie Lease and Mintabie Township Lease Agreement

Entire town faces eviction, but Mintabie locals prepare their legal battle to stay

Jonathan Sri and the Park from Hell – References

Gabba #Park #Brisbane

I look at a call to action from Greens Councillor Jonathan Sri for a new park next to eight lanes of traffic. Given the location, it would be a terrible, noisy and unsafe location to have a park and Cr Sri should be leading with his public housing idea and not the ideologically motivated park.




Don’t have kids and save the planet. – References

Antinatalism #ClimateChange #Children

I look at a recent Triple J Hack article by Jo Lauder, which surveyed women about climate change and their decision to have children. Sadly it seems a generation of western women doesn’t want to have children because of climate change while advocating for immigration of people to Highly Developed nations.



Reconsidering having kids because of climate change? You’re not alone


Finland’s Basic Income Trial – References

#UniversalBasicIncome #UBI #Socialism

I look at a recent article from the BBC about the outcome of Finland’s failed experiment with Universal Basic Income. While it didn’t encourage people to find work it did make them happier and stress-free.



Finland basic income trial left people ‘happier but jobless’


Opal Tower Will Shake Up the NSW Construction Industry – References

#OpalTower #Icon #Failure
We look at an article about proposed changes to the NSW Construction Industry recommended by the Shergold Weir Report and the Opal Tower Failure, which includes the registration of builders and engineers.

I also look at the process of searching for a builder’s license and Engineer’s registration in Queensland as an example of how the public could access the information.



NSW to ‘shake up’ high-rise laws after Opal Tower saga


Pay What you Can Restaurant Fails – References

#Panera #Fail #PayWhatYouCan

We look at the story about Panera Bread closing their last “Pay What You Can” restaurant, which marks the end of their failed experiment. This is another example of businesses virtue signalling and I ask wouldn’t it have been smarter to build something that could leave a legacy and continue to help people?



Panera Bread closes last pay-what-you-can restaurant


Centre Alliance want to ban Cotton – Reference

#AusPol #CottonBan #CentreAlliance
Looking at a proposal by the Centre Alliance Party to ban the exportation of Cotton from Australia. Is Senator Rex Patrick using tragedy for political attention? Why is a centre party sounding like an ideological party?



‘Don’t export our rivers’: Push for export ban on cotton



Cotton Opportunities Map


The Opal Tower Design Excellence Presentation – References

#OpalTower #Icon #Failure

Watching some clips from the Opal Tower Design Excellence Competition presentation by Architect BatesSmart and hosted by the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitats. Given that this presentation was filled on the 19th of September, before any issues with the building, it is surprising that it was released a few days ago, given the issues and terrible publicity about the building.






The Full Presentation Video.

Elin Errson faces jail time. – References

Elin Errson faces jail time.
#ElinErsson #PlaneProtest #Sweden
Elin Errson, the stunning and brave girl who delayed a flight in Sweden to stop a criminal being deported, might end up in jail.


Swedish woman who sabotaged deportation of migrant by refusing to sit down for take-off on plane taking convicted thug back to Afghanistan faces two weeks in prison


Elin Ersson Deportation from Gothenburg to Afghanistan