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Consumer Confidence Christmas Fears
Consumer confidence is at a four year low and is a worrying sign leading up to Christmas.
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Harvey Norman Harassed By Corporate Activists
Corporate activisim is becoming more prevalent.
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Construction Sector Plunges
Completed work in the construction sector has plunged for the fifth consecutive quarter.
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Quantitative Easing is Coming
Quantitative easing is on the cards once the cash rate hits 0.25%
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300 Jobless At Nifty Copper Mine
300 People stand to lose their jobs as the Nifty copper mine suspends operations.
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Retail Recession Claims The Co-Op Book Shop
The retail recession has claimed the Co-Op Book Shop.
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Fighting Alzheimer’s with Diet
Let's look at research into how diet can be used to help prevent and treat Dementia and Alzheimer's disease.
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Senate Cash ban Submissions Released (Part 01)
Let's look as some of the Cash Ban submissions to the Senate Standing Committee on Economics.
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Dodgy Builder Still Operating
Builder licensing isn't stopping dodgy operators.
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Giving Away Minerals
Is Australia giving away our natural resources?
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Bank Shares Plunge
Bank shares plunge.
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Developer Declares the housing Slump Over
Apartment and housing developer Mirvac has declared the housing slump over and is continuing to land bank.
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Out Of Touch Politicians
John Howard and Malcolm Turnbull issue the same warning about Australian politics.
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2020 Bumper Property Year
Domain is using a listing rise to predict a bumper year for property in 2020.
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Wework’s Expansion Grinds To A Halt
Wework's expansion grinds to a halt in Australia.
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10,000 Subscriber Thankyou
A video celebrating reaching 10,000 subscribers and introducing our HeiseSays Merchandise
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Banks Policing Morals
Why are our banks acting as morality police and corporate virtue signalling?
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The Radial
Designed by Rachel Heise this pocket square uses a radial arrangement of black and white steins as featured on Heise
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Work Forever, Never Retire
It feels like the government wants us to work forever and never retire.
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US Retail Figures Down
US retail figures are below pre Christmas expectations. A sign of the growing retail recession?
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Westpac Accused Of Money Laundering
Westpac has been accused of money laundering. Yep, we really need that cash ban.
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