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CBA Offshoring Work To India with 100 Jobs Sent Overseas.
JB Hi-Fi Profits Skyrocket by 67%.
Office vacancies are as a decade high.
Apparently, new Banks need to make money?
House Sales have fallen but they are still significantly higher than the average.
Will Victoria Extend The Lockdown Again?
We're all receiving dodgy SMS text messages, watch out.
New South Wales in Introducing on the spot fines of up to $5000 continuing their descent into a police state.
Will the Fed Hike Rates & Cash Housing?
The Melbourne Lockdown has been extended by another week.
Banks are continuing to hike interest rates even while the RBA keeps the cash rate flat. With the CBA increase
Red tape is inflating the housing construction costs. Perhaps it's time to change legislation?
Housing growth continues to beat wages.
Fear is mounting that Negative Interest Rates may be coming to Australia. Can you imagine the impact on housing?
The Victorian government is providing $1500 payments for people in lockdown.
Victoria's 6th Lockdown is destroying businesses.
The NSW Lockdown is expected to cause 300,000 Job losses.
The narrative vilifying the unvaccinated is growing, which is concerning considering some people are not even eligible and others have
15,000 new requests for Mortgages and loan deferrals have been received because of the lockdowns.
Neighbours are turning on neighbours as lockdown and COVID fears mount.
Victoria is now in a 7-Day Lockdown. 3 Days was optimistic.

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