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Housing Has Destroyed Our Economy?
I argue that government intervention into the economy via negative gearing has nudged investment into loss-making housing.
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Chatime Staff Underpayment
Chatime have allegedly underpaid their staff.
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Cheap $100k Houses
Let's look at the trend in cheap $100k homes.
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600 Jobs Lost at Central Pier
Over 600 jobs have been lost at Central Pier in Melbourne due to structural issues.
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Building Supplier Collapses
A large building supplier has collapsed with 400 jobs lost.
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Construction Defects Epidemic
An epidemic of construction defects and phoenixing companies is gripping the nation.
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Australia’s Rocketing Property
Australia's property is apparently rocketing, let's look at some arguments as to why this is happening.
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Manufacturing Falls Again
Manufacturing is continuing to decline.
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GDP Growth Slowing in the North
GDP Growth Slowing in the North.
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Media Auction FOMO
More media-driven FOMO by the top end of the property market.
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Interview with Grant Mason – Building Certifiers Insurance
I interview Insurance broker, Grant Mason, and discuss the professional indemnity insurance crisis in the Building Certification Industry.
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Cashban Leading to Spending Fines
Greece is looking at fining people if they don't spend 30% of their income electronically.
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Destroying The Australian Economy
National virtue signalling could potentially destroy the Australian economy.
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Construction Grinding To a Halt
Insurance issues are causing some construction projects to grind to a halt.
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Good Time to Buy Property?
Is media-fueled FOMO driving people to buy property?
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Cracking at Revesby Workers’ Club
Cracking has been reported at the carpark of the Revesby Workers' Club.
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Interview with Independent Reserve CEO Adrian
I interview Adrian Przelozny, CEO one of Australia's oldest CryptoCurrency Exchanges, Independent Reserve.
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Cash-Ban Leading To Eftpos Ban
It appears the Cash-ban might lead to an Eftpos ban.
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Companies Paying No Tax
Large multi-national companies have been paying little or no tax.
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Christmas Shopping Down
Christmas trade is down because everyone has spent their money on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.
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Consumer Confidence Falls Before Christmas
Consumer confidence falls before Christmas.
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