Property Developer Political Donations – Reference

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I discuss a recent article in the Syndey Morning Herald which attempts to paint a narrative about developer donation resulting in 600 additional units for a developer. Naturally failing to mention the significant additional infrastructure spending required by the developer. I also briefing discuss the concept of Transit Orientated Development, TODs, and why we would want additional units near train stations.


Extra 600 apartments for developer whose general manager donates

Australia’s Duluth Borders – References

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Our Immigration Minister David Coleman new decision will bar anyone who has committed violence against women or children from entering Australia. I am concerned that IPV is still being framed as a gendered issue at this level of politics.


Australia to refuse visas for domestic violence offenders

25% of Men Feel Like Failures – References

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I look at a recent survey that shows 25% of men feel like a failure and that they are worrying about Money, Health and other’s opinions. All concerns that can be addressed by adopting and understanding stoicism. I then look at the American Psychological Association’s recent guide for Men and Boys that lists stoicism as one of the harmful aspects of traditional masculinity.


One in four men feel like ‘failures’, survey finds

Male Psychology: What’s Wrong With APA’s Masculinity Guidelines ?

APA GUIDELINES for Psychological Practice with Boys and Men

The Definitive List of Stoicism in History & Pop Culture

APA issues first-ever guidelines for practice with men and boys

Should Australia Adopt Hammurabi’s Building Code? – References

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I look at the aspects of Hammurabi’s Code of Laws that relate to construction and ask the question, “Should Australia adopt these codes?”


Hammurabi, King of Babylon

007. Babil (ancient: Babylon)

The Oldest Code of Laws in the World by King of Babylonia Hammurabi

The Lacrosse Tower Outcome – References

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We look at an article about the recent ruling concerning the Lacrosse Tower Cladding Fire court case in which owners were awarded over $5.7 Million Dollars. I then read through portions of the judgement to understand why the Architect, Building Surveyor and Fire Engineer had to pay damages to the Builder under and Design and Construction Contract. Shockingly I agree with the Judge!


Lacrosse apartment owners awarded $5.7 million in damages after flammable cladding blaze

The Elara Apartment Disaster – References

#Elara #Construction #Failure

I look at the Elara Apartment disaster in which owners have an estimated $19 million repair build due to shoddy construction work. Opal Tower is shining a light on questionable construction practices in Australia, but sadly owners seem to be the people paying.


Elara apartment owners lose Federal Court compensation bid

ALA Rebrands to Yellow Vests – References

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Australian Liberty Alliance, a right-leaning micro-party, is rebranding as Yellow Vest Australia. Will abandoning the ALA brand signal the end of their party?


Australian Liberty Alliance

Yellow Vests Australia


The Opal Tower Engineer Responds to the final report – References

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I look at WSP’s response to the Final Report regarding the Opal Tower Failure. Looks like the project was procured via a design and construction methodology with changes made to the approved engineering design.

Read More:
Why Buildings Stand Up

Why Buildings Fall Down Why Structures Fail



Police Force Discriminates Against White Men – References

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Having only recently discussed the Gender Quota’s that the Queensland Police has in place, I look at the Cheshire Police discriminating against Matthew Furlong. The first successful case where a white man was discriminated against by Police recruitment in the United Kingdom. Chief Constable Janette McCormick should be embarrassed that her positive action policies are causing her Police Force to break the law.


Too white to be a copper? Graduate, 25, who wanted to follow in his detective father’s footsteps was turned down by the police because he isn’t disabled, gay or black