Banks say they are not to blame for the Housing Crash – References

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I look at a recent AFR article in which Westpac CEO Brian Hartzer claims that banks are not to blame for the housing crash. Seemingly ignoring recent evidence from Melbourne land sales.


Westpac CEO Brian Hartzer says banks ‘not to blame’ for house slump

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International Women’s Day is Socialist – References

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To celebrate International Women’s Day and their Balance for Better theme I look at historical propaganda posters about women, women’s issues and socialism. People need to learn the socialist roots of International Women’s Day.


“When women vote it won’t be lawful for a man to remain single” Anti-Suffragette Poster, 1910s

Women of Britain say – “Go!” UK, 1915, artwork by E V Kealey

Why men shouldn’t vote, according to 1915 suffragette satire by Alice Duer Miller

“The Rights of the People — Women are People”. A 1920 poster that listed various U.S. states that gave women a right to vote before and after the ratification of the 19th Amendment

In Polish People’s Republic womens are equal to mens in all areas of life” polish poster from communist era

A female suffrage activist holds a torch over Western states where women can vote beckoning the struggling women in the East and South where they cannot vote. USA [February 20, 1915]

Women painting propaganda posters, 1942.

“Women of italy! Listen to the voice of the fatherland! Enlist in the ausiliar service!” Italian social republic 1944

French poster anti haik (Algeria 1958)

“Burkas? We prefer Bikinis.” Campaign Poster, Alternative for Germany (AfD) – 2014

“Women workers take up your rifles” – (1917), Russia.

1941 Plea for British women to enter factory work

Gender equality and worker-friendly environment in this 1964 painting by Alexander Deyneka, used in posters and publications.

Our Women – Our Pride! – Soviet poster celebrating the first woman in space, Valentina Terechkova (1967)

Against sexual harassment, USSR, 1930.

Protect her! Women should not fall prey to political parties! Vote ‘no’ against women’s suffrage. Democratic Christians, Switzerland, 1940.

“What a woman may be and not have the vote / What a man may be and yet not lose the vote” – 1908 Women’s Suffrage movement poster

Telling A Friend May Mean Telling The Enemy, UK, 1942, artist unknown

She May Look Clean – But Pick-ups ‘Good Time’ Girls Prostitutes Spread Syphilis and Gonorrhea, ca. 1940

“Do You Realize That in every country Woman Suffrage and Socialism go hand in hand?” Texas, late-1910s

“Germania” Painting by Friedrich August von Kaulbach, 1914

«They have discrimination, unemployment, poverty. We have equality, freedom, well-being», 1949

‘The call to arms of the women during the siege of Haarlem 1572’, Schoenmaker Atlas circa 1710, NL.

International Women’s Day

Update Milo Yiannopoulos Banned from Australia – References

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An update on the reported banning of Milo Yiannopoulos from Australia and a look at the leading “Civil Liberties” group that is celebrating.


Civil rights group welcomes Australia’s Milo Yiannopoulos ‘moral high road’ ban

Deplorables Tour Delayed as Visa Applications Remain in Limbo


Civil and political rights

Milo Yiannopoulos Banned from Australia – References

#MiloYiannopoulos #Australia #Banned

Milo Yiannopoulos has been banned from Australia due to character ground by the department of home affairs. Why do they even bother doing this in the internet age because it increases his reach and reduced event employment in Australia?


Morrison government bans Milo Yiannopoulos from entering Australia

#OwnVoice destroying Young Adult Literature – References

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I look at the #OwnVoice hashtag and the example of sensitivity reader, Kosoko Jackson, being criticised by his own community. The left truly is eating themselves.


A YA sensitivity reader watched his own community kill his debut novel before it was ever released.

Calls for a Building Industry Royal Commission – References

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I look at recent calls by the Builders Collective for a Royal Commission into our Building Industry and learn about the powers of a Royal Commission.

Read More:
Why Buildings Stand Up

Why Buildings Fall Down Why Structures Fail


‘Appalling failures’: call for building industry royal commission

Property Developer Political Donations – Reference

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I discuss a recent article in the Syndey Morning Herald which attempts to paint a narrative about developer donation resulting in 600 additional units for a developer. Naturally failing to mention the significant additional infrastructure spending required by the developer. I also briefing discuss the concept of Transit Orientated Development, TODs, and why we would want additional units near train stations.


Extra 600 apartments for developer whose general manager donates