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Five Things To Check When Buying An Apartment | Real Estate Investing

Let’s look at five things you should check if you are considering buying an apartment or unit.


Hidden Flammable Cladding

#Cladding #Flammable #HeiseSays Landlords are not informing their residents of tenants of flammable cladding risks and the government isn’t releasing the data. The Market can’t respond if we don’t let it. References Residents ‘kept in the dark’ about fire risk of buildings as audit reveals flammable cladding dangers

Construction NSW Parliamentary Inquiry - Regulation of Building Standards

NSW Parliamentary Inquiry – Regulation of Building Standards (RAIA Submission)

#Construction #NSW #Inquiry The New South Wales Parliamentary Inquiry into the Regulation of Building Standards, Building Quality and Building Disputes is underway, let’s look at the Terms of Reference and the submission by the Royal Australian Institute of Architects. References Regulation of building standards, building quality and building disputes No. 129 Australian Institute of Architects […]

Construction Economy The Ralan Group

Ralan Group Spent Everyone’s Deposits

#RalanGroup #Employment #Recession It appears that the Ralan Group may have spent the deposits of people who purchased off the plan. References Most off-plan deposits for Ralan units ‘have been spent’

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Unit Developer Ralan Group Collapses

#RalanGroup #Development #RalanCollapse Sydney Unit Developer Ralan Group has collapsed, entering voluntary administration, with $500 million worth of outstanding debt. With unfinished projects, one has to worry about how this will affect tradies, material suppliers and people who have purchased off the plan. References Major Sydney unit developer The Ralan Group collapses during apartment downturn […]