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🏘 Desperate Landlords told to take anything they can get

Desperate Landlords are being told to take any tenants they can get as holiday rentals flood the market.

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Renters Getting Desperate | Property Investing Update

Renters are getting desperate which will have an impact on the value of property investment.


Eviction Surge Predicted

A surge of evictions is predicted.

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Mintabie Launches Federal Court Legal Action

#Mintabie #Eviction #Discrimination The town of Mintabie has taken the South Australian Government to Federal Court. They are claiming that the APY Act is in breach of the Anti-Discrimination Act. Does excluding people based on their race seem fair to you? Why is ethnic exclusion good for one group and not another? References My Original […]


Aboriginal Council Evicting a White Town – References

Mintabie #Eviction #Discrimination I look at the case of Mintabie and the eviction of an entire town. Looking at a recently published article from the ABC and a government report it seems like the residents are being discriminated against based on their race because they will need a permit to even access the land. Essentially […]