Voting in the 2020 Queensland Election | Using Preferences

On Election Day 2020, let’s look at the different political parties that are running in the 2020 Queensland Election.


University Fees For Arts Degrees Double and Slashed For Maths Science

University Fees For Arts Degrees have been Doubled while they have been Slashed For Maths Science.

Cash Ban

Cash Ban Passes Party Room

#CashBan #LNP #AusPOL The Cash Transaction Ban has passed the coalition party room and is now one step closer to becoming law. Still waiting on the release of those treasure submissions… References Coalition MPs raise concerns about new cash transaction rules

ALP (Party) AUSPol Economy Greens (Party) Liberal (Party)

China’s Australian Cyber Attack

#China #Economy #Espionage Claims have been made that China was responsible for a recent cyber attack on the Australian Parliament and major political parties. Naturally, because our economy is so dependant on China our leaders were apparently instructed to not raise this issue in public. References Exclusive: Australia concluded China was behind hack on parliament, […]

Greens (Party)

Jonathan Sri and the Park from Hell – References

Gabba #Park #Brisbane I look at a call to action from Greens Councillor Jonathan Sri for a new park next to eight lanes of traffic. Given the location, it would be a terrible, noisy and unsafe location to have a park and Cr Sri should be leading with his public housing idea and not the […]

Food News Political Commentary

Vegan Diets are not safe for Children – References   #vegan #malnutrition #rickets The Vegan diet has killed children. References Lily Nichols: Is The Low Carb High Fat Diet Safe During Pregnancy? (Biohackers) 2008 Couple face questioning after vegan daughter suffers bone disease 2011 French vegan couple whose baby died of vitamin deficiency after being fed solely on breast milk face […]

Free Speech News Political Commentary

Sugar Tax, AKA the new Ghetto tax – References It’s not a punishment if we say it’s because we love you. References Sugar Taxes Haven’t Proved Effective in Tackling Obesity By Satya Marar December 05, 2018

Political Commentary

Banning Plastic Bags is pointless – References

Banning Plastic Bags is pointless. #PlasticBags #Ban #Greens This got me angry.     Woolworths and Coles now under pressure to ban reusable bags as well as plastic ones because they’re ‘still bad for the environment’ The known unknowns of plastic pollution The Source of Ocean Plastic Pollution in Negros ’Unfair war’ […]