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Out Of Touch Politicians

John Howard and Malcolm Turnbull issue the same warning about Australian politics.

Cash Ban

Cash Ban Passes Party Room

#CashBan #LNP #AusPOL The Cash Transaction Ban has passed the coalition party room and is now one step closer to becoming law. Still waiting on the release of those treasure submissions… References Coalition MPs raise concerns about new cash transaction rules


Stimulus Spending Waste

#Stimulus #Economy #Spending With calls for a return to Rudd era direct government stimulus, it is worth looking at the broken window fallacy and asking whether our current housing affordability crisis may be in part to blame on Rudd? Reference Australia’s Uncreative Destruction

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China’s Australian Cyber Attack

#China #Economy #Espionage Claims have been made that China was responsible for a recent cyber attack on the Australian Parliament and major political parties. Naturally, because our economy is so dependant on China our leaders were apparently instructed to not raise this issue in public. References Exclusive: Australia concluded China was behind hack on parliament, […]


The 2019 NSW State Election – References

#AusPol #2019NSWElection #Election I look at a recent article that claims to tell you everything you need to know about the two major parties. From just this article could you tell the difference between the two parties? I think we need to get voluntary voting! References Everything you need to know about the NSW […]