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👩🏻‍🏫 15% Teacher Pay Raises | Education Expenses

Calls for 15% Teacher Pay Raises in NSW after the first recession in 28 years.

Economy Recession

Workplace Reforms | Economic Growth or Destruction?

The Government is introducing Workplace Reforms to help businesses recovery from the lockdown recessing and create jobs.

Economy Recession

✈ China’s $1.4 Billion Tourism Hit

Australia’s Tourism Industry will receive a $1.4 Billion hit this February.


Border Closures Destroying Jobs

Border closures are destroying jobs.

Economy Real Estate

Interest Only Fire Sales

#RealEstate #Property #HeiseSays Is resetting interest-only home loans creating a risk of fire sales? References Is Australia an innovation nation or beneficiary of dumb luck?

Economy Property

Will Quantitative Easing Restart the Housing Bubble?

#QuantitativeEasing #HousingBubble #HeiseSays Will Quantitative Easing restart the housing bubble? References Big change by RBA will increase house prices, says new report


Hidden Flammable Cladding

#Cladding #Flammable #HeiseSays Landlords are not informing their residents of tenants of flammable cladding risks and the government isn’t releasing the data. The Market can’t respond if we don’t let it. References Residents ‘kept in the dark’ about fire risk of buildings as audit reveals flammable cladding dangers

Construction Economy

The Walton Construction Collapse Lawsuit

#Construction #NAB #Walton NAB is facing a potential $74 million lawsuit from over 1000 creditors for their apparent role in the Walton Construction Collapse. References$74million-suit-over-walton-construction-collapse/11466506?section=business


The 2019 NSW State Election – References

#AusPol #2019NSWElection #Election I look at a recent article that claims to tell you everything you need to know about the two major parties. From just this article could you tell the difference between the two parties? I think we need to get voluntary voting! References Everything you need to know about the NSW […]

Free Speech Islam

The Sonia Kruger Tribunal Results – Reference

#SoniaKruger #NSWCAT #FreeSpeech I look at a recent article about the result of Sam Ekermawi’s complaint against Sonia Kruger to the New South Wales Civil and Administrative Tribunal. The good news is that Australian Muslims are not a race, for now. References Racial vilification complaining against Nine dismissed but Sonia Kruger criticised