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Australia’s Future in China’s Hands

Australia’s Future in China’s Hands.


🟢 Greens want to Replace Google | Government Controlled Search (Rant)

The Greens want to replace Google.

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Philip Lowe Faces Parliament

#RBA #Economics #Australia Reserve Bank Governor Dr Philip Lowe Faced the Parliamentary Economics Committee in Canberra and was challenged on the recent rate cuts and the future of the Australian economy. The more I learn about Monetarism, the less confidence I have. References

Free Speech

It’s not ok to be White on Facebook – References

#FacebookBan #Discrimination #FacebookPolicy Facebook has changed its policy to ban White Nationalism and White Separatism, but will not ban Black Nationalism or Separatism or other similar race or ethnic based groups. So it looks like Facebook is discriminating again people based on their race. References