πŸ’² Low-Income Earners Still Suffering the worst from the recession

Low-Income Earners Still Suffering the worst from the recession.

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πŸ’΅ Jobkeeper Payments Refunded | Retail Recovery

Large businesses are voluntarily refunding their JobKeeper payments.


Up to 15% of the Workforce on Welfare | Unemployment Expected to Surge

Up to 15% of Australia’s Workforce is on Welfare in some areas.

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Australia’s Small Business Tax Debt

#Taxes #Economy #HeiseSays Australia’s Small Business Tax Debt is growing, while GST revenue is also down. An economic foreshadowing and cashflow issues? References

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Social Procurement

#SocialProcurement #VicRoads #Tax Vic Roads has implemented a social procurement methodology in their tendering process. How can this be reconciled with merit-based outcomes? References Social procurement

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Dodgy Child Care Centres

#AusPol #ChildCare #DayCare Dodgy Child Care Centres have been costing the federal government over 670 million dollars and help fund terrorist and bikie gangs. Is this just part of the deadweight loss when the government get involved in an industry? How could NSW let people set-up a child care centre online? (Note: please forgive some […]

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Sugar Tax, AKA the new Ghetto tax – References It’s not a punishment if we say it’s because we love you. References Sugar Taxes Haven’t Proved Effective in Tackling Obesity ByΒ Satya Marar December 05, 2018