The Freedom Map

We created The Freedom Map to help track and contextualise the activity and influence of Authoritarians, with particular emphasis on attacks to our Freedom. Showing acts of political violence, de-platforming, diversity gang violence, no-go zones, authoritarian groups and other politically sensitive topics will help people appreciate what is happening in the world around them.

By using a map, it will give people a fresh perspective and allows them to overcome tolerance to these issues which they may have developed from the mainstream media. A clear example is that with everything on the map, it is effortless to notice that Melbourne has a gang problem from Suburbia to the Shore.  The map is compatible with mobile devices, so you can even pinpoint events around your location.

Click here to view this map in full screen.

The map is a work in progress and will be continuously updated; please email me any information, or complete the form below, that would be appropriate for The Freedom Map. Also please ensure you provide enough details to allow us to located the event because we have designed the form so you can remain anonymous.

Watch me update the Freedom map

I lives stream updating The Freedom Map and can always do with some company in chat.