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Interview with Jeremiah 2018 – Australia’s First Men’s Shelter

#MRA #Men’sShelter #IPV I talk to Peter Symes and Robert Stoker who are Directors of Australia’s first Domestic Violence Crisis Accommodation for Fathers and their children, Jeremiah House. We discuss what lead them to create this charity and their plans for the future. References Support Jeremiah House Here: Follow their Journey on Facebook: JEREMIAH […]

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Fatherlessness Part One – References

Fatherlessness Part One #Fatherlessness #MRA #Feminism Some of these statistics are shocking.   References A ‘dad’ is tenth most popular Christmas list request for children Statistics of a Fatherless America

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Advertising Positive Masculinity – References

Advertising Positive Masculinity #Advertising #Men #WhatisAMan This is how you appeal to your audience. Reference Watch Company Responds To Gillette’s “Controversial” Commercial