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🏡 New Home Sales Have Surge 90% | HomeBuilder Impact

New Home Sales have surged by 90% as the impact of HomeBuilder comes to an end.

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Five Things To Check When Buying An Apartment | Real Estate Investing

Let’s look at five things you should check if you are considering buying an apartment or unit.

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🏡 Is The Housing Boom Coming To An End?

Is The Housing Boom Coming To An End?

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💲 Investors Selling For 40% Loss | Has the Aparment Crash Begun?

With Investors selling inner-city Melbourne at losses of nearly 40% has the Apartment Crash begun?

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💵 Cheaper to buy than rent & The Winners of the Housing Boom

It’s Cheaper to buy than rent at the moment and the Winners of the Housing Boom are singing all the way to the bank.

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🏚 Distressed Housing Sales Spike | Cairns Real Estate Update

Distressed Housing Sales have spiked in the Cairns Real Estate market.

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🏠 Houses Gains $50K Per Month

Houses are gaining $50k per month.


🏠 20 Year Old First Home Buyer | Getting into the Real Estate Market

Let’s look at the example of a 20-year-old First Home Buyer and see how she managed to get into the market.


Buying Half a House – An Update from the Builder

The Builder who built half-a-house for a client has spoken out. Let’s have a look at what they have to say.

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🏠 Fixing Australia’s Housing Affordability Crisis

Fixing Australia’s Housing Affordability Crisis.