The Australian Education Decline – References

The Australian Education Decline
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We need innovation and freedom.



SMH: UN agency ranks Australia 39 out of 41 countries for quality education

Education Matters: UNICEF report card ranks Australia 39/41 in education

An Unfair Start Inequality in Children’s Education in Rich Countries


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The Opal Tower Fallout – References

#Opal #Cracking #Failure
Widespread economic implications.

The Opal Tower might not fall, but prices for new apartments could plummet as the consequences of the building debacle widen.  by Jason Murphy




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Vegan Diets are not safe for Children – References


#vegan #malnutrition #rickets

The Vegan diet has killed children.


Lily Nichols: Is The Low Carb High Fat Diet Safe During Pregnancy? (Biohackers)

Couple face questioning after vegan daughter suffers bone disease

French vegan couple whose baby died of vitamin deficiency after being fed solely on breast milk face jail for child neglect

Italy proposal to jail vegans who impose diet on children

One-year-old vegan weighing 5kg hospitalized in Milan

Trendy vegan diets can wreck a child’s health:

‘Health food is out of control’: Doctors warning over vegan diets as more malnourished children seen in hospitals

A 7-Month-Old Baby Has Died After Being Kept On A Diet Of Quinoa Milk

Vegan parents face jail after toddler became so malnourished she ‘couldn’t talk or crawl’

‘Is seaweed OK?’ Vegan parents’ worrying posts on Facebook

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Saving the educated Illiterate- References

I talk to Jason Caldwell, principal of the Faith Christian School of Distance Education about his new school for students who have been abandoned by the mainstream system.

Support Faith Christian School of Distance Education

Get Danny the Champion of the World


Low Literacy and Crime

The Crime Risk of Illiteracy

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Banning Plastic Bags is pointless – References

Banning Plastic Bags is pointless.
#PlasticBags #Ban #Greens
This got me angry.



Woolworths and Coles now under pressure to ban reusable bags as well as plastic ones because they’re ‘still bad for the environment’

The known unknowns of plastic pollution

The Source of Ocean Plastic Pollution in Negros

’Unfair war’ against plastic

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