Anning’s Eggcellent Adventure – Refereces

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Continuing a 100-year-old Australia tradition, Senator Frazer Anning slapped a 17-year-old protestor who cracked an egg on the back of his head. They should shake hands, apologise to each other and move on.

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High-profile criminal lawyer demands police charge Senator Anning for hitting a protester who egged him – and offers to represent the boy for free

Controversial Queensland senator Fraser Anning hits minor after being egged during interview

History of the AFP

The Children’s Climate Strike – References

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Let’s look at today’s climate strike and the preparation and evidence of support from #GetUp.It looks like a generation of students is being trained to be and identify with left-wing political activism. Would they strike for #freespeech?
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Students def calls to stay in school to protest climate change

Morrison claims a minimum wage increase would cost jobs – References

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Scott Morrison is claiming that Labors Minimum Wage policy, which calls for an undefined living wage, would cost jobs. As a small business owner, I can relate to the challenges with keeping people employed and the significant impact wages have on your bottom line.


‘His policy is people should be sacked’: Shorten, Morrison square off on wages

Matt Barrie Says Our Housing Market May Never Recover – Reference

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Matt Barrie the CEO of Freelancer warns that the Australian Housing market may never recover and highlights the simplicity of the Australian Economy. Interested by this, I find out how the complexity of the Australian economy compares to the test of the world and it is embarrassing.

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Our Housing Market May Never Recover

Australia’s Economy is a House of Cards

Economic Complexity Rankings

Housing Crash drops Consumer Confidence – References

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Consumer confidence is down and the housing crash is potentially to blame, are interest rate cuts on the horizon? I look at the recent update from Reuters and learn about how the consumer confidence index is measured.

The Wealth Effect?


UPDATE 3-Souring consumer mood in Australia may prompt RBA rate cut soon

Australia Consumer Confidence

One Nation Calls for Genetic Testing of Aboriginals – References

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Mark Latham from One Nation is calling for genetic testing to prove Aboriginal Identity to reduce welfare fraud. Imagine how many people would suffer from cognitive dissonance when they get the results?


One Nation wants Aboriginal people to ‘prove’ ancestry with DNA tests

Measles and the Anti Vaccination Response – References

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I look at the recent Measles outbreak in New York, Measles health warning in Queensland and the social media response to Anti Vaccination information.


Measles in New York

Measles health alert – Queensland Health

Facebook Will Crack Down on Anti-Vaccine Content