Handsome Her Gets Woke Goes Broke

#GetWokeGoBroke #HandsomeHer

The Handsome Her Cafe in Melbourne who made headlines in 2017 for charging men a premium to fight the gender pay gap is closing down. It appears that the identity politics of the left are once again eating their own.

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Handsome Her cafe in Brunswick, Melbourne charges men 18% ‘gender gap’ surcharge






Vegan Politicians and Kangaroo Contraceptives

#VeganActivism #Environmentalism #KangarooCulling

Newly elected NSW Legislative Assembly member Emma Hurst wants to ban egg production from Australia, give Kangaroos Contraceptives and represent the animals (who didn’t vote for her). This is why we need to have voluntary voting because people are obviously making decisions based on their emotions and feeling happy.

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Newly-elected Emma Hurst reveals bold plans for dairy industry


Environmental Veganism is Pointless – References

#VeganActivism #Environmentalism #CarbonOffset

Today we look at the claims that a Vegan diet is good for the environment and find that a year’s worth of veganism is equal to two cups of coffee. We then look at some Carbon Offset projects in Australia and I am surprised at the lack of innovation.

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How Much Does It Cost To Become Carbon Neutral For An Entire Year?


The Carbon Market Institute


Aboriginal Carbon Foundation


Ban the Beef?


The Vegan Uprising has begun

#VeganActivism #Dominion #AnimalActivists

Vegan activists have staged protests in several cities throughout Australia, further cementing public frustration, all because they wanted everyone to watch a documentary.

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Animal activists protest across the country, storm abattoirs, block Melbourne’s Flinders St


Mortgage Repayment Fears – References

#MortgageRepayments #PriceCrash #Housing

Interest only mortgages repayment periods are steadily ending with many predicted to finish by 2020. Do you think this will have an impact on the housing crash? Are people really so fullish to have not planned for this?

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Lenders release the Kraken: when mortgages rise by $1000 a month


Comparing Australia’s Housing Crash to the World – References

#AusPol #PriceCrash #Housing

I look at a recent article from MacroBusiness comparing Australia’s housing crash to those in USA, UK, Ireland and Spain. Then I look at another perspective from Wolf Street. Is the GFC finally catching up with Australia?

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How Australia’s housing crash compares internationally


Update on the Spreading Housing Bust in Australia, and Why it’s Happening


Work on Collins Arch Halted – References

#CBUS #CollinsArch #PrecastIssues

Work has been halted on CBUS’s Collins Arch project at 447 Collins Street in Melbourne because of Pre-Cast Column issues. Given recent events at Opal Tower, it is not surprising that people are concerned.

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Precast column movement concerns stops work at CBUS 447 Collins Street, Pantscaper twin tower project

China’s strangest buildings, from pairs of pants to ping-pong bats


Banks say they are not to blame for the Housing Crash – References

#Banking #Housing #HousingCrash

I look at a recent AFR article in which Westpac CEO Brian Hartzer claims that banks are not to blame for the housing crash. Seemingly ignoring recent evidence from Melbourne land sales.



Westpac CEO Brian Hartzer says banks ‘not to blame’ for house slump

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