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Fake Auction Clearance Rates Exposed
Exposing the truth behind Auction Clearance Rates.
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The Unemployment Reality
The reality of unemployment in Australia.
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Inflation Drives up Living Costs
Cost increases in food and petrol is driving up the cost of living.
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Coming Economic Stagnation
Economists are predicting a stagnating economy for Australia in 2020.
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ACCC To Investigate Kaufland Exit
The ACCC will investigate the Kaufland exit due for fears cartel activity pushed them out of Australia.
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Australian Shares Plunge
Australian shares plunge.
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Coronavirus affecting the economy
The Coronavirus is already starting to affect the Australian economy.
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Sydney Real Estate FOMO
Sydney Real Estate is predicted to rise by up to $200k in 2020.
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Bettina Arndt Receives An Australia Day Award
Bettina Arndt Receives An Australia Day Award.
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Australian Of The Year Calls For A Sugar Tax
2020 Australian of the year Dr James Muecke calls for a sugar tax.
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Why Kaufland Abandoned Australia
Australia's deteriorating market drove Kaufland to abandon Australia.
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Unemployment Down during the Retail Recession
Unemployment is down during a retail recession.
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Lendlease Sells $850M Shopping Centre
Institutional money is leaving retail.
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Entitled Millennials Outraged
Entitled Millennials are outraged by a job ad.
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Retailers Face Plunging Consumer Confidence
Retailers are facing plunging consumer confidence.
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Kaufland's $600M Australian Property Portfolio
Kauflands rush to abandon Australia has left them with a $600 million Australian property portfolio.
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Jeanswest Closures Continue
The Jeanswest closures continue with over 260 jobs gone.
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Retail Recession Hits Real Estate
The retail recession is starting to influence the real estate sector.
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Kaufland Abandons Australia
Kaufland Abandons Australia and takes a half a billion dollars of investment from Victoria.
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David Jones Closing New Store
David Jones is closing a brand new store in Brisbane.
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Australia's Health Disaster
Australia is facing a national health disaster.
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Big W Closing 30 Stores
The Retail Recession continues with Big W beginning the process of closing 30 stores.
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