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Fake Auction Clearance Rates Exposed
Exposing the truth behind Auction Clearance Rates.
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Good Time to Buy Property?
Is media-fueled FOMO driving people to buy property?
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Cracking at Revesby Workers’ Club
Cracking has been reported at the carpark of the Revesby Workers' Club.
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Interview with Independent Reserve CEO Adrian
I interview Adrian Przelozny, CEO one of Australia's oldest CryptoCurrency Exchanges, Independent Reserve.
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Cash-Ban Leading To Eftpos Ban
It appears the Cash-ban might lead to an Eftpos ban.
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Companies Paying No Tax
Large multi-national companies have been paying little or no tax.
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Christmas Shopping Down
Christmas trade is down because everyone has spent their money on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.
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Consumer Confidence Falls Before Christmas
Consumer confidence falls before Christmas.
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Retail Recession Claims Harris Scarfe
The retail recession claims Harris Scarfe.
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The $26 million Opal Tower Bill
Icon has spent $26 million on the Opal Evacuation and repairs.
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Business Confidence is Down
Business Confidence is Down.
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House Prices Rise
House prices have risen in the September quarter according to the ABS.
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Grey Nomads Lose Life Savings
The collapse of a motor home company is costing some Grey Nomad'stheir life savings.
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Bushfires Decimate Tourism
Tourists are cancelling their holidays because of the Bushfires.
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Taxes to support the NBN
New taxes will be introduced to support the NBN.
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The Low-Interest Rate Trap
Low-Interest Rates appear to be here to stay, but are they a trap that we can never escape?
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Shares To Start The Week Positive
Shares are expected to start the next week positive.
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Builder Blames Opal Engineer
Icon blames WSP in the continuing Opal Tower saga.
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JetStar Workers Strike
Jetstar workers are threatening to strike.
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Quantitative Easing in 2020
It looks like Quantitative Easing will appear in 2020.
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Taxes to Stimulate Economy
Let's look at some suggestions to stimulate the economy.
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2020 Property Predictions
Let's look at some predictions for property in 2020.
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