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Will crashing Iron Ore Prices Lead to Australia's next Recession?
Cuts to Community Service and fears of rising rates as local Councils, struggling to keep regional airports operating at a
Exposing the truth behind Auction Clearance Rates.

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Evergrande's second-biggest shareholder, Chinese Estates Holdings, is selling its entire 6.5% stake in Evergrande with a loss of about $1.2
There is speculation that the CCP will take control and restructure Evergrand.
Who are Evergrande's biggest Bondholders and can they afford a significant loss from their Evergrande investments? Is a 1% portfolio
Banks have been advised that Evergrande will miss loan payments by China's Housing Ministry.
Evergrande is repaying debt with property, including apartments and carparks.
Calls for super to be paid on parental leave.
Mortage stress soars and while it might not lead to a house market crash, it will certainly impact the 2022
Melburnians are abandoning the city and moving to the regions.
Evergrande investors are facing huge losses.
The RBA's house price warning.
Workforce participation crashes as lockdowns impact employment. While it will probably rebound like previous lockdowns, the real concern is economic
People are desperately looking for work, as they encounter ageism, lack of skills and employment agencies.
Australia will build Nuclear powered attack submarines and scrap the controversial $90 billion French Submarine program. Hopefully, this is the
A market solution to get rid of your guilt.
New South Wales has a path out of lockdowns and to increasing freedoms for the fully vaccinated.
Western Australia will stay shut until 2022.
The dividend premium has been taken off the price as it went ex-dividend.
Let's look at one of Australia's COVID 19 Camps in Darwin.
Have Global Shipping Costs Peaked?
Will crashing Iron Ore Prices Lead to Australia's next Recession?
Mosaic Brands Closed Hundreds of Stores.

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