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Fake Auction Clearance Rates Exposed
Exposing the truth behind Auction Clearance Rates.
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$100M Loss for Seek
Seek has reported a loss of $100M.
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The Phantom Lockdown
Retail is experiencing a phaeton lockdown in NSW.
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The Mining Property Boom Returns
Is the property in remote mining towns finally bouncing back?
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Gold & Silver Crash
Gold and Silver have crashed.
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Coronavirus Returns To New Zealand (Breaking)
The Coronavirus Returns to New Zealand.
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The Risk Of Employing People
There are risks associated with employing people.
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Democratic Socialism Doesn’t Work
Democratic socialism doesn't work.
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Offshore Outsourcing Predicted To Grow
Offshore Outsourcing is Predicted To Grow.
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Millennials Spending Like There is No Recession
Millennials are spending like there is no recession.
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Calls For Daniel Andrews To Resign
Calls for Daniel Andrew to resign.
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Commercial Property Crashing
The values of commercial property are crashing, let us look at an article discussing our super exposure and the financial
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The RBA Chart Pack
Let's look at the latest economic data charts published by the RBA.
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The Covid Bankruptcies
Let's look at impact of the economic lockdown on a range of businesses.
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High Rise Construction Jobs At Risk
The severe economic restrictions are putting high rise construction jobs at risk
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Westfields Shopping Centres Fall 10%
Westfield shopping centres have fallen in value by 10%.
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It’s Not Worth Working
Something is very wrong when working 40 hr a week won't let you get ahead.
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Home Loan Approvals take Eight Weeks
Home loan approvals are taking up to eight weeks.
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Hotel Security Failure
Perhaps we should hire people based on merit, not politics.
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HSBC Profits Plunge 65pc
This will speed up slashing 35,000 jobs.
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Years of High Unemployment
Australia is facing years of high unemployment.
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Businesses Failing to Pay Super
Businesses Failing To Pay Super.
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