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Wework’s Expansion Grinds To A Halt
Wework's expansion grinds to a halt in Australia.
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10,000 Subscriber Thankyou
A video celebrating reaching 10,000 subscribers and introducing our HeiseSays Merchandise
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Banks Policing Morals
Why are our banks acting as morality police and corporate virtue signalling?
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Work Forever, Never Retire
It feels like the government wants us to work forever and never retire.
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US Retail Figures Down
US retail figures are below pre Christmas expectations. A sign of the growing retail recession?
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Westpac Accused Of Money Laundering
Westpac has been accused of money laundering. Yep, we really need that cash ban.
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$3.8 Billion Infrastructure Injection
The government is bringing forward $3.8 billion worth of infrastructure spending in hopes of stimulating the economy.
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Selling to Escape The Property Crash
Selling your primary residence to escape the property crash.
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Banks Prepare for Negative Rates
Banks are beginning to prepare for negative interest rates by exploring the implications on their IT infrastructure.
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The Two Job Economy
It's becoming increasingly common to need two jobs in Australia.
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New Car Sales Plunge
New Car sales have continued their 19th month of declining sales.
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Banks Selling Debt
Banks are changing the way they are selling debt to collection agencies.
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Deposit Guarantee Fail
The deposit guarantee appears it might not stimulate the housing sector as much as hoped for.
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Soaring Household Debt
Household Debt is soaring in Australia.
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Property, Boom or Bust
Is Australia's property on the verge of a boom or a bust?
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Tradies in Recession
Is a sharp decline in Ute sales, combined with the prolonged fall in building approvals signalling a tradie recession?
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China’s Slowdown Crashing Copper
China's Manufacturing slowing is crashing the price of copper and let's look at the potential implications.
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Buyers Swooping on Perth
#RealEstate #Property #HeiseSays Interstate and International buyers are swooping on Perth property. References 40 fire crews tackle flames ‘crawling up
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Student Accommodation Cladding Fire
#Cladding #Fire #HeiseSays Student accommodation at The Cube on Bradshawgate in Manchester suffered from a raging cladding fire. References 40
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2020 Housing Crash
#RealEstate #Property #HeiseSays A housing crash in 2020 is one of the top 20 risks for the global economy. References
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Mortgage Arrears Soar
RealEstate #Mortgages #HeiseSays Arrear rates are at the highest level they have been in a decade, with WA taking the
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