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Cuts to Community Service and fears of rising rates as local Councils, struggling to keep regional airports operating at a
Exposing the truth behind Auction Clearance Rates.

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Job Ads have hit a 12 year high growing by more than 39% during the last month. While employers complain
The Builder who built half-a-house for a client has spoken out. Let's have a look at what they have to
Claims that Delivery drives are being paid just $10.42 per hour are disingenuous and are being used by unions to
The Ever Given is being held in the Suez Canal until its owners pay $1 Billion in compensation.
Timber shortages are driving up construction costs
Australians are drowning in debt with 30% expecting to never be debt-free.
Fixing Australia's Housing Affordability Crisis.
China's Digital Yuan is growing in popularity as concerns grow that Central Bank Digital Currencies give even more power and
The North Western Melbourne Primary Health Network is calling for the Victorian Schools and Sports team to ban the words
With the end of JobKeeper, small businesses are struggling to pay their power and gas bills.
Victoria to Ban The Sale of Petrol Cars.
With the FED discontinuing the weekly release of M1 and M2 money supply information is the FED Hiding Hyperinflation?
Fear of Missing Out is driving up house prices.
The Australian Industry Group and Housing Industry Association's Australian Performance of Construction Index has reached a record high, fueled by
The IMF is warning of Divergent or K-Shaped Recoveries around the world and across countries.
No-One is selling their houses or units as property listing crash.
The installation of new power transmission lines is threatening food production. What is more important, optics or food?

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