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Fake Auction Clearance Rates Exposed
Exposing the truth behind Auction Clearance Rates.
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More Qantas Job Cuts
Qantas is hinting at more job cuts.
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Is Going to University Worth it?
Is getting a University Education worth it in Australia?
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Why this Real Estate Crisis is Different
This Real Estate Crisis is different than the GFC.
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Rental Market Plunges
The rental market plunges.
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19-Year-Old Buying a House
Saving since she was 11 years old.
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The Struggle to Find Work
Even with unemployment dropping the struggle to find work is very real.
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Families Forced into a Single Room
Families are living in single rooms because of the Real Estate Shutdown.
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Harry Potter Banned
A political statement, or simply brilliant marketing?
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Property Market Reset
The conversation around the property market has shifted.
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Australia’s New Death Tax
Should a De-Facto Death tax be introduced so people can pay for their aged care?
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Apartment Oversupply Could Burn Off-The-Plan Buyers.
The Sydney Apartment Oversupply Could Catch Off-The-Plan Buyers.
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The Unregistered Land Trap might stop the HomeBuilder grant.
You might now be able to start your project in time and miss out on the HomeBuilder Grant.
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Keeping Melbourne in Lockdown
Keeping Melbourne in Lockdown.
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Tax Cuts Affect Women
Another disingenuous article arguing against tax cuts.
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Risk of Forced Home Sales
It will start with a gentle nudge to sell.
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$20k Payment Boost
Will you receive a $20k payment?
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CBA’s No Interest Credit Card
CBA wants to keep you in their ecosystem.
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Forced Property Sales
Experts argue that forced property sales are unlikely.
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