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Fake Auction Clearance Rates Exposed
Exposing the truth behind Auction Clearance Rates.
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Calls to Extend JobKeeper
Calls are being made to extend Jobkeeper.
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Jobkeeper Recipients Refusing to Work
Jobkeeper recipients are refusing to return to work.
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Property Market To Bounce Back In Spring
Real Estate Agents are predicting that the property market will bounce back in Spring!
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Property Crash Is Months Away
Many are predicting that a property crash is only months away.
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David Jones Closing Stores
David Jones is closing stores.
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Commercial Property to be Impacted
Commercial Property to be Impacted.
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CBA Considering Interest Only Extension
Commonwealth Bank looking to extend interest only rates.
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Casual Workers to Receive Holiday Pay
Casual workers might be on the "road" to receive holiday pay.
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Abolishing Stamp Duty Favours the Rich
Apparently abolishing stamp duty favours the rich.
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Genius Investor with 200 Properties
A genius property investor with 200 properties and $18 million in debt is looking for more.
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Scomo’s JobMaker Package
Now it's time for the JobMaker package.
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Canberra Construction Sector to Crash
The construction sector in Canberra is expected to crash.
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Universities Reject Union Deal
Universities have rejected a union deal, are massive job losses on the cards?
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10 Years and no Capital Gain
Apartments in West End have made no capital gain in almost a decade.
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Students Flee The Rental Market
Students are fleeing the rental market.
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Landlords are ripping off students
International Students are losing their rent deposits.
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Developers To Pay Compensation
Canberra Developers are having to pay compensation.
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Five Years of Recession
Australia could face a five year recession.
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Mascot Towers Owers Consider Entire Building Sale
Mascot Towers Owners are considering the sale of the entire building.
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US Threatens Australia Over China
The US is threatening Australia over Victoria and the belt and road.
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Home Builders Continue To Suffer
The economic impact is being felt by home builders.
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