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Fake Auction Clearance Rates Exposed
Exposing the truth behind Auction Clearance Rates.
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The Mortgage Holiday Cliff
We are facing a Mortgage Holiday Cliff in Five months time.
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Food is Getting More Expensive as CPI Rises
Food is Getting More Expensive as CPI Rises.
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50% Of Australians Want Lower Immigration | End of the Housing Bubble?
A recent anonymous survey has shown that 50% of Australians want lower Immigration.
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The Recession is Over | According to the RBA
Celebrate everyone because the Recession is Over!
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Retail Recession Deepens | Riot Art & Craft Liquidation
The Retail Recession Deepens with a building propped up by JobKeeper now in liquidation.
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The World Economic Forum’s Terrifying Vision for 2030
Let's look at some World Economic Forum Propaganda and their terrifying vision for 2030.
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JobMaker to cost $90,000 per Job
JobMaker is expected to create only 45,000 new jobs costing $90,000 per job.
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Melbourne Is Open For Business | Step Three of Lockdown
Fantastic News, Melbourne has entered stage three of lockdown.
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Refinancing Increases by 70%
Mortgage Refinancing has increased by 70%!
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The Recession Smashes Savings
The recession and the artificially low crash rate, is destroying the savings interest rate.
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First Home Buyers Rush for Loans | Real Estate Update
First Home Buyers are rushing for Government-backed loans.
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Global Food Shortages | Floods and Drought Leading to Food Inflation
Global Food Shortages are being driven by Floods and Droughts around the world.
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Up to 15% of the Workforce on Welfare | Unemployment Expected to Surge
Up to 15% of Australia's Workforce is on Welfare in some areas.
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Crowdless Melbourne Cup 2020
There will be no crowds at this years Melbourne Cup.
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Melbourne Kept In Lockdown
Daniel Andrews has kept Melbourne in lockdown.
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Five Newbie Property Lessons | Unit Real Estate
Let's look at five Newbie Property lessons from someone who purchased Sydney property only recently.
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The Age and 60 Minutes Target Peter Schiff & Euro Pacific Bank
The Age and 60 Minutes Target Peter Schiff & Euro Pacific Bank.
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Making $650,000 Profit of Houses | Real Estate FOMO
Let's see where people are making $650,000 in profit selling houses in just a few years.
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600 Centrelink Workers Axed | Call Centre Staff Cut
600 Workers are going to be axed from a third party Centrelink contractor.
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First Home Buyers Flood Sydney | Property Update
First Home Buyers are flooding the Sydney Real Estate market.
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