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Cuts to Community Service and fears of rising rates as local Councils, struggling to keep regional airports operating at a
Exposing the truth behind Auction Clearance Rates.

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So I woke up this morning with my YouTube channel removed and then restored just over an hour later.
#Employment #Economy #HeiseSays The media is reporting that companies are making workers pay for their own super increases. Are people
Great New, unemployed is down to 5.1%, just don't look at Roy Morgan figures of 10.3% Unemployment.
Mediscare is back. Will the lies shift enough voters this time?
After being handed back to the traditional owners the town of Mintabie is now in ruins.
Rental rates are set to rise as the housing supply on the rental market continues to crash.
With Welfare coming to an end Food Bank Lines will return as millions go Hungry.
Over $2 million Australians are set to receive a pay rise as the minimum was is increased by $18.80 per
Let's look at some Social Justice Rhetoric.
Premier Mark McGowan is calling for the Federal Government to stop antagonizing China and improve trade relations between Australia and
Residents in a Melbourne apartment building are being terrified by creaking sounds.
Soaring import costs could lead to a potential Global Food Crisis.
Pay cuts are coming In July because of the mandatory superannuation increases.
The collapse of the Sterling group of companies has resulted in many seniors millions of dollars out of pocket and
With the recent outbreak in Queensland are we at risk of a lockdown?
More Aussies are taking on a second job.
The shares of Non-Operating Owners are continuing to perform strongly as short term charter rates for shipping reaching a new
Deutsche Banks Warns of a Global Time Bomb because of significant inflation risks.
#Finance #Economy #HeiseSays Westpac Hikes Interest Rates as the cheap money from the reserve bank comes to an end. References
Australia's median wage remains low, demonstrating the divide in Australia.
Trump Brands Bitcoin a scam & calls for regulation.

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