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Cuts to Community Service and fears of rising rates as local Councils, struggling to keep regional airports operating at a
Exposing the truth behind Auction Clearance Rates.

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Is a second recession inevitable?
Millions of Australians are in Lockdown but rating agencies are still predicting housing will rise in 2021 in Australia.
Scott Morrison has confirmed that JobKeeper won't return.
Banks Changing the Rules.
Job insecurity continues to grow in Australia. While the idea of a full-time secure job might be appealing the only
Bond Climbs, Shares Crash, and Bitcoin Falls Below $30K.
Victoria's Lockdown has been extended.
New house designs are starting to incorporate dedicated Zoom Zones.
11 Million Australians might be in Lockdown but don't worry Mortgage Holidays are back because the banks are our friends.
The Tax Institute is once again calling for tax reform and proposing an increase to GST and a small Death
Another Sydney Tower has come to light with construction defects and while it appears the issues are under control and
Truck drivers protested in Sydney today in a rolling convoy to ensure transportation workers were deemed essential.
Sydney Airport has rejected an unsolicited takeover bid.
The Unemployment rate has fallen to a decade low of only 4.9% with youth unemployment at the lowest level since
Melbourne is back in Lockdown as New South Wales Extends theirs and Brisbane has 7 extra days of mandatory masks.
Teaching children about money and Financial Literacy is important and something our education system isn't succeeding at doing.
Cryptocurrency Trading Volume Crashes
Five Candidates are running for an election, lets look at how people would vote just based on their past career
Locals are being priced out of the Housing Market because they can't keep up with surging property prices.
NSW police launched a high-visibility compliance operation in Sydney's South-West and were apparently checking bags at K-Mart to make sure
Central Banks have been spending trillions, let's look at home many world-class companies they could buy in their entirety?

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