The Sonia Kruger Tribunal Results – Reference

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I look at a recent article about the result of Sam Ekermawi’s complaint against Sonia Kruger to the New South Wales Civil and Administrative Tribunal. The good news is that Australian Muslims are not a race, for now.


Racial vilification complaining against Nine dismissed but Sonia Kruger criticised

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The Indonesian Blasphemy App – References

Indonesia at End Blasphemy Laws

Google Approves App For Muslims To Report People Who Commit Blasphemy

Islam and blasphemy

Google Removes ‘Don’t Be Evil’ Clause From Its Code Of Conduct

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Freedom of Speech at our Universities – References


University free speech rules ‘definitely worth considering’, says Human Rights Commissioner

No decent campus curtails the free exchange of ideas

Statement on Principles of Free Expression

Libby Downunder Video

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