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Frankston Apartments Certifier Suspended

#Certification #Construction #Australia The Building Certifier responsible for the Frankston Apartments have been suspended by VBA. While he plans to fight his suspension, looking at some of his previous disciplinary action I’m more worried about the slow response of the Victorian Building Authority. References Building authority suspends surveyor over flammable cladding on Frankston apartments

Construction Economy

The Polystyrene Cladding Risk

#CladdingBan #Risk #Polystyrene Polystyrene cladding presents a significant fire risk. Let’s look at an example in Melbourne and the difference between Polystyrene and Polyurethane. References MasterWall Garage Doors Sciencing


Government to Replace Flammable Cladding

#CladdingBan #ACP #Polyethylene The Victoria Government plans to spend $600 million replacing flammable cladding on 500 buildings. Is this just ignoring the systematic issues in the construction industry and letting the culprits off? References Flammable cladding to be stripped from buildings under Victorian Government plan