My Seven Day Water Fast

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Today I talk about my experience with a seven-day water fast. I measure my Blood Glucose and Beta-Ketone levels and discuss why my wife and I decided to do this fast.

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Dr. Berry YouTube

A fantastic YouTube channel for Keto advice.

Low Carb Down Under

One of my favourite sources for Low Carb High Fat Diets. Lots of lectures from professionals all around the world.

Dr. Boz

Another fantastic YouTube channel for advice on Keto diet and health with a female perspective.

Parents Neglect Child with Vegan Diet

#VeganDiet #Nutrition #Food

Featuring special guest Jojo I discuss a recent case in which two parents neglected their 20-month-old to the point where she had no teeth and could not roll over all because of a vegan diet. I am disappointed at the Judge’s criticisms of the father. Particularly considering what might happen when a father tried to leave his wife with the kids. I also learnt that filming a video with a young child is challenging.

Oh and before any Vegans leave a comment please watch this video ( and explain why there are no RCT’s for your diet when compared to others. Making decisions based on facts and real science is important.

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Handsome Her Gets Woke Goes Broke

#GetWokeGoBroke #HandsomeHer

The Handsome Her Cafe in Melbourne who made headlines in 2017 for charging men a premium to fight the gender pay gap is closing down. It appears that the identity politics of the left are once again eating their own.

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Handsome Her cafe in Brunswick, Melbourne charges men 18% ‘gender gap’ surcharge



Environmental Veganism is Pointless – References

#VeganActivism #Environmentalism #CarbonOffset

Today we look at the claims that a Vegan diet is good for the environment and find that a year’s worth of veganism is equal to two cups of coffee. We then look at some Carbon Offset projects in Australia and I am surprised at the lack of innovation.

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How Much Does It Cost To Become Carbon Neutral For An Entire Year?

The Carbon Market Institute

Aboriginal Carbon Foundation

Ban the Beef?

Pay What you Can Restaurant Fails – References

#Panera #Fail #PayWhatYouCan

We look at the story about Panera Bread closing their last “Pay What You Can” restaurant, which marks the end of their failed experiment. This is another example of businesses virtue signalling and I ask wouldn’t it have been smarter to build something that could leave a legacy and continue to help people?


Panera Bread closes last pay-what-you-can restaurant

Our Keto Journey – Reference

#Keto #KetogenicDiet #Healthy
It has changed our life.

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Vegan Diets are not safe for Children – References


#vegan #malnutrition #rickets

The Vegan diet has killed children.


Lily Nichols: Is The Low Carb High Fat Diet Safe During Pregnancy? (Biohackers)

Couple face questioning after vegan daughter suffers bone disease

French vegan couple whose baby died of vitamin deficiency after being fed solely on breast milk face jail for child neglect

Italy proposal to jail vegans who impose diet on children

One-year-old vegan weighing 5kg hospitalized in Milan

Trendy vegan diets can wreck a child’s health:

‘Health food is out of control’: Doctors warning over vegan diets as more malnourished children seen in hospitals

A 7-Month-Old Baby Has Died After Being Kept On A Diet Of Quinoa Milk

Vegan parents face jail after toddler became so malnourished she ‘couldn’t talk or crawl’

‘Is seaweed OK?’ Vegan parents’ worrying posts on Facebook