Will a Rate Cut stop the Housing Crash?

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The RBA is looking at cutting Australia’s Cash Rate. Will an Interest Rate cut stop the housing crash?

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Australian dollar headed for a fall as Reserve Bank mulls interest rates cut


The Observatory of Economic Complexity


6202.0 – Labour Force, Australia, Mar 2019


Labor’s Promises to Casual Workers

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Bill Shorten is making promises to casual workers to provide them with a smoother pathway to permanent positions. Sounds great but might end up hurting more than helping.
I would prefer more support for small businesses or addressing the issues of labour-hire companies. Where people employed are de-facto employees of a third party, but don’t receive the security or benefits.

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Australia’s Impending Recession

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Australia’s inflation rate was 0 for the last quarter and our GDP growth was only 0.2% and is trending down. It looks like Australia is heading for a recession, so why isn’t this the biggest issue of the election? Why are we worried about electric cars and political gender quotas? Will this be the only way for a generation to learn?

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5206.0 – Australian National Accounts: National Income, Expenditure and Product, Dec 2018`


Australia’s 50% Property Crash is coming

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Today we look at a New Zealand newspaper that is reporting on the impending or already begun, housing price crash in Australia. While 50% mighty sound excessive, when limited to apartments and when measures over a few years it doesn’t appear to be that outrageous.


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Matt Barrie Says Our Housing Market May Never Recover – Reference

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Matt Barrie the CEO of Freelancer warns that the Australian Housing market may never recover and highlights the simplicity of the Australian Economy. Interested by this, I find out how the complexity of the Australian economy compares to the test of the world and it is embarrassing.

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Our Housing Market May Never Recover https://www.news.com.au/finance/economy/australian-economy/housing-market-may-never-recover-from-downturn-expert-warns/news-story/e65644df8cf03bb045055ef1dba5736b

Australia’s Economy is a House of Cards

Economic Complexity Rankings

Housing Crash drops Consumer Confidence – References

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Consumer confidence is down and the housing crash is potentially to blame, are interest rate cuts on the horizon? I look at the recent update from Reuters and learn about how the consumer confidence index is measured.

The Wealth Effect?


UPDATE 3-Souring consumer mood in Australia may prompt RBA rate cut soon

Australia Consumer Confidence