Blair Cottrells St Kilda Speech – References

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Polite society doesn’t like talking about working-class issues.


2019 JAN 05 AUSTRALIAN AWAKENING: (Unshackled) Raw Footage What Happened at; St Kilda Rally

2019 JAN 05 AUSTRALIAN AWAKENING: (Unshackled) Raw Footage What Happened at; St Kilda Rally

*REMEMBER THE GOLDEN RULE* MAINSTREAM MEDIA FAKE NEWS ** LIES TO AUSTRALIA!Original Source ‘The Unshackled’: Raw footage from The Unshackled's Facebook Livestream of Political Meeting at St Kilda Beach about African Crime in Melbourne today Saturday 5th January 2019.It features speeches from patriot activist Blair Cottrell, meeting organiser Neil Erikson, Ricky Turner from ‘Cooks Convicts’, and Kane Miller leader of the ‘True Blue Crew’.ORIGINAL SOURCE YOUTUBE: The Unshackled, Published on Jan 4, 2019** NO MANIPULATION OF THE FACTS ** YOU WATCH YOU DECIDE! THINK FOR YOURSELF! STOP RELYING ON THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA FEED, IT IS POISON TO YOUR MIND.

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Vegan Diets are not safe for Children – References


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The Vegan diet has killed children.


Lily Nichols: Is The Low Carb High Fat Diet Safe During Pregnancy? (Biohackers)

Couple face questioning after vegan daughter suffers bone disease

French vegan couple whose baby died of vitamin deficiency after being fed solely on breast milk face jail for child neglect

Italy proposal to jail vegans who impose diet on children

One-year-old vegan weighing 5kg hospitalized in Milan

Trendy vegan diets can wreck a child’s health:

‘Health food is out of control’: Doctors warning over vegan diets as more malnourished children seen in hospitals

A 7-Month-Old Baby Has Died After Being Kept On A Diet Of Quinoa Milk

Vegan parents face jail after toddler became so malnourished she ‘couldn’t talk or crawl’

‘Is seaweed OK?’ Vegan parents’ worrying posts on Facebook

The Vegan Religion is Unhealthy – Christmas Special
It leads to malnutrition and mental impairment.


Ethical veganism could be considered ‘protected belief’ akin to religion in landmark case

Veganism is starting to contribute to malnutrition in wealthy countries

Venezuela Commits Elder Abuse – References

Venezuela Commits Elder Abuse
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Will the CFMEU publically condemn this action of the Mudro regime?

Venezuela Forcibly Converts Pensions into Petro

Venezuela Forcibly Converts Pensions into Petro

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‘We shall overcome’: CFMEU weighs in on disputed Venezuelan election

Australian unions pledge support for ‘democratically elected’ socialist Venezuelan dictatorship

Online Elder Abuse Tool Kit

What is elder abuse?