Matt Barrie Says Our Housing Market May Never Recover – Reference

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Matt Barrie the CEO of Freelancer warns that the Australian Housing market may never recover and highlights the simplicity of the Australian Economy. Interested by this, I find out how the complexity of the Australian economy compares to the test of the world and it is embarrassing.

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Our Housing Market May Never Recover

Australia’s Economy is a House of Cards

Economic Complexity Rankings

Banks say they are not to blame for the Housing Crash – References

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I look at a recent AFR article in which Westpac CEO Brian Hartzer claims that banks are not to blame for the housing crash. Seemingly ignoring recent evidence from Melbourne land sales.


Westpac CEO Brian Hartzer says banks ‘not to blame’ for house slump

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Property Developer Political Donations – Reference

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I discuss a recent article in the Syndey Morning Herald which attempts to paint a narrative about developer donation resulting in 600 additional units for a developer. Naturally failing to mention the significant additional infrastructure spending required by the developer. I also briefing discuss the concept of Transit Orientated Development, TODs, and why we would want additional units near train stations.


Extra 600 apartments for developer whose general manager donates