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Mortgage Stress Soars – Housing to Impact the 2022 Election

Mortage stress soars and while it might not lead to a house market crash, it will certainly impact the 2022 Election.

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Labor Is Complaining That 2% Home Loans Are Not Good Enough

Labor politicians are complaining that the 2% government-guaranteed home loans are not good enough.


230,000 at Risk of Losing their Homes – Mortgage Stress Grows

230,000 At Risk of Losing their Home. Media hyperbole or a real concern?

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Insane Government 2% Deposit Home Loans For Single Parents (RANT)

The Federal Government has announced a new scheme to help single parents buy a home with a tiny 2% deposit.


Home Loan Arrears Surging Over 6% Of Mortgages In Some Suburbs

Home Loan Arrears are Surging Over 6% Of Mortgages In Some Suburbs.

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🏚 783,000 Mortgage Holders at Risk of Mortgage Stress

783,000 Mortgage Holders at Risk of Mortgage Stress.

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🏡 Mortgage Distress & The JobKeeper Cliff

Mortgage Distress & The JobKeeper Cliff.

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🏚 Property Mistakes for 2021 | Australian Real Estate

Let’s look at property mistakes we should apparently avoid in 2021.

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💲 Aussie’s 2021 Money Fears | 25% Worried about Paying their Mortgage

25% of Australian are starting 2021 with money fears worrying about how they are going to pay the mortgage or rent.


Banks Don’t Pass On Interest Rate Cuts | No Rate Cuts For You!

The Banks have not passed on the Interest Rates Cuts for most Mortgage Holders.