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Culture Shock and Sudanese Crime in Melbourne

#Melbourne #Crime #CultureGap Could an intergenerational culture gap be part of the reason for the over-representation of Sudanese born people in our crime statistics? Look at the statistics, recent crime examples and some striking cultural difference, particularly regarding mental health and an apparent lack of government support, I am concerned that this is an example […]

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Melbourne Home Invasions

#AusPol #Victoria #Crime Four men have undertaken a horrific crime spree with a horrific home invasion in Melbourne. While listening to one of the victims open up about the invasion on radio remind yourself of which politicians voted against recent laws that would have allowed people to defend themselves. References

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More Gang Violence in Melbourne’s Worst Mall

#AusPol #Victoria #Crime We discuss the recent gang violence in Westfields Fountain Gate Mall in South East Melbourne, near Berrick. Groups of youth dividing into the peer groups and then fighting and stealing, with police and security powerless. Does this sound like suburbian Australia to you? References Two people stabbed in Westfield brawl in Melbourne‚Äôs […]


Berwick Gang Violence

#AusPol #Victoria #Crime We discuss a recent example of gang violence in South East Melbourne by listening to an episode of Neil Mitchell from 3AW 693 News Talk. Do people still buy into the claims that there isn’t a growing gang problem in Melbourne? How can we help this community if we can’t talk about […]

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Sadiq Khan’s Gang Problem – References

#Kahn #London #Gangs Changing the statistics will fix the issues.   References¬† Sadiq Khan calls for overhaul of Scotland Yard’s gang matrix as 4 in 5 names on it are shown to be black


St Kilda to Ban Alcohol

Police investigate ‘vicious’, ‘cowardly’ St Kilda foreshore assaults. (Accessed 04.11.2018)

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Gang Violence in Melbourne and Mapping the Hate

I introduce my mapping project by looking at gang violence in Melbourne.