Eco-Fascist Terrorist name as Christchurch Shooter

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The mainstream media is reporting that Australian Brenton Tarrant, a self-declared Eco-Fascist, is one of the Gunmen responsible for the Christchurch Mosque Shootings. I continue to believe that this is the natural consequence of government restricting freedom of speech, because how can you change people’s opinions if they retreat to an echo chamber because their ideas are not allowed in public. My prayers are with the 40 victims of these monsters.

He had apparently been planning this attack for two years.


Australian man Brenton Tarrant named as Christchurch gunman as four taken into custody

The Christchurch Shooting – References

#Christchurch #Shooting #MosquesShooting

Terrorist gunmen have committed two mass shooting at Mosques in Christchurch New Zeland. I read through a recent news article about the shooting and I describe the footage from the live stream of one of the shooters. These people are disgusting cowards and I am worried that this violence will continue to grow because of restriction on speech.


Police respond to two mass shootings inside Christchurch mosques

Austrian Girls Wearing Hijabs in Vienna – References

I look at a recent article from Sputnik about claims from ex-MP Dr. Marcus Franz that Austrian girls are being forced to wear Hijabs in order to avoid harassment in Rudolfsheim FunfHaus.


Austrian Girls Forced to Wear Hijabs to Avoid Harassment, Ex-MP Claims

Austrian girls forced to wear hijabs to avoid harassment, Ex-MP claims

Manhunt launched for Afghan asylum seeker, 17, after his girlfriend, 16, is found stabbed to death at her home in Austria

Elin Errson faces jail time. – References

Elin Errson faces jail time.
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Elin Errson, the stunning and brave girl who delayed a flight in Sweden to stop a criminal being deported, might end up in jail.


Swedish woman who sabotaged deportation of migrant by refusing to sit down for take-off on plane taking convicted thug back to Afghanistan faces two weeks in prison

Elin Ersson Deportation from Gothenburg to Afghanistan

Blair Cottrells St Kilda Speech – References

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Polite society doesn’t like talking about working-class issues.


2019 JAN 05 AUSTRALIAN AWAKENING: (Unshackled) Raw Footage What Happened at; St Kilda Rally

2019 JAN 05 AUSTRALIAN AWAKENING: (Unshackled) Raw Footage What Happened at; St Kilda Rally

*REMEMBER THE GOLDEN RULE* MAINSTREAM MEDIA FAKE NEWS ** LIES TO AUSTRALIA!Original Source ‘The Unshackled’: Raw footage from The Unshackled's Facebook Livestream of Political Meeting at St Kilda Beach about African Crime in Melbourne today Saturday 5th January 2019.It features speeches from patriot activist Blair Cottrell, meeting organiser Neil Erikson, Ricky Turner from ‘Cooks Convicts’, and Kane Miller leader of the ‘True Blue Crew’.ORIGINAL SOURCE YOUTUBE: The Unshackled, Published on Jan 4, 2019** NO MANIPULATION OF THE FACTS ** YOU WATCH YOU DECIDE! THINK FOR YOURSELF! STOP RELYING ON THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA FEED, IT IS POISON TO YOUR MIND.

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German Dad Banned from Swimming with Muslims – References

Interview with the Father.

German Father

Auburn pool gets swim screen for Muslim women