👷🏻‍ Coles Workers Strike | Coles Responds by Locking them Out

Coles Workers at the Smeaton Grange strike over redundancy and conditions.

AUSPol Minor Matters The Together Party (Party)

Minor Matters – The Together Party

#MinorMatters #Together #TheTogetherParty In this first episode of my Minor Matters series I look at The Together Party, a political party that wants to nationalise failing NGO’s and provide Universal Basic Income. While they don’t align with my desire for personal liberty they do bring some interesting ideas to the table. References TOGETHER. A party […]


The Victorian Socialists are Coming – References

#Socialism #Victoria #VictorianSocialists The Victorian Socialists have applied for registration as a political party. Let’s have a look at their constitution and see how many of their goals are mutually exclusive. References NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR REGISTRATION AS A POLITICAL PARTY CONSTITUTION of the VICTORIAN SOCIALISTS