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Mortgage Repayment Fears – References

#MortgageRepayments #PriceCrash #Housing Interest only mortgages repayment periods are steadily ending with many predicted to finish by 2020. Do you think this will have an impact on the housing crash? Are people really so fullish to have not planned for this? References Lenders release the Kraken: when mortgages rise by $1000 a month

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Comparing Australia’s Housing Crash to the World – References

#AusPol #PriceCrash #Housing I look at a recent article from MacroBusiness comparing Australia’s housing crash to those in USA, UK, Ireland and Spain. Then I look at another perspective from Wolf Street. Is the GFC finally catching up with Australia? References How Australia‚Äôs housing crash compares internationally Update on the Spreading Housing Bust in […]


The Sydney and Melbourne Housing Crash – References

#AusPol #PriceCrash #Housing Experts are predicting continued housing price declines in Sydney and Melbourne with a $60,000 drop in Sydney. How can experts think any rate drop will have any impact at the moment? References Property prices to tumble $60,000 by 2020