Finance Recession

Unemployment To Reach 2 Million

Unemployment is looking to reach 2 Million people.

Economy Finance Recession

Banks Protecting Their Assets

Banks are moving to protect their own assets.


RBA Cash Rate Cut

Will the reserve bank cut the cash rate tomorrow?

Economy Finance

Banks Prepare for Negative Rates

Banks are beginning to prepare for negative interest rates by exploring the implications on their IT infrastructure.


Architecture Fees Crash

#Architecture #Fees #HeiseSays Let’s talk about the fees for my profession. References Time to ‘get out’: Architects pay hit by slump

Housing Crash Real Estate

Housing Prices Rise

#Housing #RealEstate #HeiseSays Housing prices have risen in Melbourne and Sydney so naturally, this means the marketing is turning around. Perhaps it’s time to discuss other factors that might be affecting property prices. Watch on Bitchute Watch on Facebook References Australia‚Äôs house prices have rebounded by up to $3000 a week

Economy Housing Crash

Media Pressuring First Home Buyers

#Economy #Housing #FirstHomeBuyer #HeiseSays First Home Buyers are being pressured because “Time is Running Out”. Once again I am very cynical. References First-home buyers in Sydney and Melbourne able to act quicker than ever, but time is running out

Construction Economy

Attacking Small Business to Justify the Cash Ban

#CashBan #Australia #ATO Small Businesses are being framed in a negative light to justify the cash ban and the path to negative interest rates. Naturally only by people who would not appreciate the challenges small businesses face. References IBM, Atlassian, Schneider avoided paying the Australian Taxation Office in 2016 Small business ‘tax gap’ costing […]

Economy Property

Low Interest Rates On the way to negative

#InterestRates #RBA #NegativeInterestRates Are low interest rates here to stay or simply part of the journey towards negative interest rates? References Record low interest rates are here to stay, and may even sink lower, economists predict

Cash Ban

ABC Discusses Negative Interest Rates

#CashBan #IMF #NegativeInterestRates It’s good to see that the ABC is beginning to report and discuss the prospect of negative interest rates, with reference to IMF research. References Banning cash so you pay the bank to hold your money is what the IMF wants