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Housing FOMO Driving Auction Results

Housing FOMO is driving the Auction results.

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Predictions of an Apartment Shortfall

#Property #RealEstate #HeiseSays An apartment shortfall is being predicted based on advertising data. Once again I am sceptical. References Slump in new apartment projects means shortfall in 2021

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Worst Property Market in Decades

#Property #RealEstate #HeiseSays REA is claiming that the end of the property boom was manufactured. References

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Luxury Apartments Dropping 25%

#Property #RealEstate #HeiseSays Off-The-Plan apartments at Australia 108 have plunged in value by up to 25%. References ‘Stupidity’: Buyer rues overpaying for apartment

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The Property Market Rebound

#Property #RealEstate #Australia Another good weekend for the property market is leading some pundits to claim are rebound is underway. I am much too sceptical. References Property market has a spring in its step, but a rebound is not yet in the bag


Auction Clearance Rates – 1st Sept 2019

#Investing #Property #AuctionClearanceRates Let’s look at the Auction Clearance Rates for the 1st of September 2019. Featuring a special fathers day guest at the end. References Auction Results & Recent Sales

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Accountants Supporting the Cash Ban

#CashBan #Australia #Cashless Susan Franks of the Chartered Accountants of Australia not only supports the $10,000 Cash ban but argues that it doesn’t go far enough. I would rather accept some tiny inefficiencies in our tax system due to the black economy and maintain our freedom to spend cash. References Cash payment crackdown not enough […]