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Liquidators Economic Warnings

#Economy #Recession #HeiseSays Liquidators are taking on more staff and preparing for growth in 2020. Not a good sign for the economy. References Business is booming for liquidators and that’s a bad sign for everyone else

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Housing Affordability FOMO

#RealEstate #Property #HeiseSays Housing Affordability is now being used to create fear of missing out. References Housing affordability in Australia has slumped, ANZ CoreLogic report reveals Inflation and Housing Housing affordability in Australia Rich are getting richer, but stagnating wages mean income inequality is steady 6523.0 – Household Income and Wealth, Australia, 2017-18 […]

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Predictions of an Apartment Shortfall

#Property #RealEstate #HeiseSays An apartment shortfall is being predicted based on advertising data. Once again I am sceptical. References Slump in new apartment projects means shortfall in 2021

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Worst Property Market in Decades

#Property #RealEstate #HeiseSays REA is claiming that the end of the property boom was manufactured. References

Australia 108 Property

Luxury Apartments Dropping 25%

#Property #RealEstate #HeiseSays Off-The-Plan apartments at Australia 108 have plunged in value by up to 25%. References ‘Stupidity’: Buyer rues overpaying for apartment

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Faking Auction Clearance Rates

#Property #RealEstate #HeiseSays Advertised Auction Clearance Rates are much higher than the formula Domain claim to use. Let’s jump into Excell and find out what the real Auction Clearance Rate should be. References