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Rachel’s Top Six Tips for Feeding a Family on a Budget

#Budget #FoodShopping #BigFamily Rachel shares her top six tips for feeding a family of six on a budget. You would be shocked at how much you can save! My top 6 tips for feeding a family on a budget 1 – Buy your meat in bulk = no meal planning. If you cant buy in […]


My Brisket recipe

Brine Ingredients 2L water 1c salt 1/2c vinegar 4tbs sugar (optional) 1tbs peppercorns 1tbs mustard seeds 3 bay leaves pinch ground cloves To corn the brisket put all the brine ingredients in a pot and heat to a boil or until the salt has mixed in. Allow the brine to cool and then pour over […]

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Buying beef in bulk

#Forequarter #Beef #Carnavore We bought a forequarter of beef this week. Watch as Rachel divides it up and stores it in the freezer and learn how buying beef in bulk is one of the best ways to save money.