NRL Anthem Silence – References

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I look at the NRL Anthem Silence protest, where several Indigenous All Stars protested the Australian National Anthem and calls by Mal Meninga for a referendum. It all seems like a missed opportunity to bring attention to the serious issues in Indigenous Communities


Mal Meninga, Indigenous All Stars captain call for national anthem referendum

Aboriginal Council Evicting a White Town – References

Mintabie #Eviction #Discrimination

I look at the case of Mintabie and the eviction of an entire town. Looking at a recently published article from the ABC and a government report it seems like the residents are being discriminated against based on their race because they will need a permit to even access the land. Essentially the aboriginal authority can create an ethnic state and restrict public access to their territory.


2017 Review of the Mintabie Lease and Mintabie Township Lease Agreement

Entire town faces eviction, but Mintabie locals prepare their legal battle to stay

Some Notes on Cannibalism Among Queensland Aborigines – References

Heise Says Live Stream – Reading “Some Notes on Cannibalism Among Queensland Aborigines 1824 – 1900
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I thought it would be interesting to read this journal article together because a decline in Cannibalism could be something we could celebrate on Australia Day.


Victimhood Doesn’t Pay – References

Victimhood Doesn’t Pay
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One way to realise that you are not a victim.



Court costs land university worker Cindy Prior in bankruptcy

QUT computer lab racial discrimination lawsuit thrown out

Kerry-Anne Kennerley Said Nothing Wrong – References

Kerry-Anne Kennerley Said Nothing Wrong
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Facts support Kerry-Anne.



Kerri-Anne Kennerley labelled ‘racist’

Fast Facts—Indigenous-family-violence.pdf

Aboriginal literacy rates