40,000 Still Owed a Robodebt Refund

40,000 people are Still Owed a Robodebt Refund.

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Wikileaks and what the US thinks of Bills Shorten

#AusPol #BillShorten #Election2019 #ShiftTheWindow Let’s have a look at a recently leaked communique from the US Consul in Melbourne about Bill Shorten and then examine some of his recent election blunders with that context. References

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The Children’s Climate Strike – References

#ClimateStrike #SchoolStrike #ClimateChange Let’s look at today’s climate strike and the preparation and evidence of support from #GetUp.It looks like a generation of students is being trained to be and identify with left-wing political activism. Would they strike for #freespeech? References Students def calls to stay in school to protest climate change

AUSPol Election 2019

Morrison claims a minimum wage increase would cost jobs – References

#AusPol #Wages #MinimumWage Scott Morrison is claiming that Labors Minimum Wage policy, which calls for an undefined living wage, would cost jobs. As a small business owner, I can relate to the challenges with keeping people employed and the significant impact wages have on your bottom line. References ‘His policy is people should be sacked’: […]

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Labor still believes in the Pay Gap – References

Why do people keep falling for this? References Tanya Plibersek outlines Labor plan to close the gender pay gap