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Out Of Touch Politicians

John Howard and Malcolm Turnbull issue the same warning about Australian politics.

Economy Recession

Melbourne’s $200k Labourers

#Melbourne #Infrastructure #HeiseSays Melbourne’s West Gate project is paying labourers exorbitant wages. I guess Andrew’s government needs to take care of their supporters? References Labourers working on Victoria’s West Gate Tunnel raking in $110,000 for 36-hour weeks

Cash Ban

Cash Ban Passes Party Room

#CashBan #LNP #AusPOL The Cash Transaction Ban has passed the coalition party room and is now one step closer to becoming law. Still waiting on the release of those treasure submissions… References Coalition MPs raise concerns about new cash transaction rules


Stimulus Spending Waste

#Stimulus #Economy #Spending With calls for a return to Rudd era direct government stimulus, it is worth looking at the broken window fallacy and asking whether our current housing affordability crisis may be in part to blame on Rudd? Reference Australia’s Uncreative Destruction

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China’s Australian Cyber Attack

#China #Economy #Espionage Claims have been made that China was responsible for a recent cyber attack on the Australian Parliament and major political parties. Naturally, because our economy is so dependant on China our leaders were apparently instructed to not raise this issue in public. References Exclusive: Australia concluded China was behind hack on parliament, […]


Queensland’s Bushfire Emergency

#Queensland #Bushfire #BinnaBarra People are being instructed to leave Binna Burra due to emergency warnings due to Bushfire. While we need to warn anyone we know who might be at risk it is also worth look at Labors Tree Clearing Laws and their impact on Fire Breaks. References Queensland firefighters battling bushfires in Binna Burra, […]

Cash Ban Economy

4000 Submissions Against the Cash Ban

#CashBan #Australia #Treasury Treasury has received over 4000 submissions against the Cash Ban and the CEC is continuing to spread awareness. References Unprecedented blowback against cash ban—Treasury swamped with 4,000+ submissions!

Political Commentary

The Windsor Hotel Planning Approval

#Melbourne #WindorHotel #Planning Approval Victorian Minister for Planning Mr Richard Wynne has refused to extend the planning approval for the Windsor Hotel development. It appears that the Halim group was unable to secure finance for the $330 million dollar project. A sign of the apartment market perhaps? References

Political Commentary

Victoria Destroys The Solar Industry

#ALP #SolarPanels #Rebates The Victorian Labor Parties is destroying the states solar panel industry by creating the expectation of a low price in the market. How can politicians propose policies like this without economic modelling to ensure they are not going to destroy entire industries? Will the public learn? References Solar installers say rebate casts […]

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Licencing for Developers

#AusPOL #Development #Construction The ACT Labor Labor Conference has called for the introduction of a licencing scheme for developers. While I appreciate the objecting of providing greater protection for consumers I’m concerned this proposal won’t address the systematic issues in the construction industry. I am also worried that it will act as gatekeeping and restrict […]