Extinction Rebellion in Melbourne

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Extinction Rebellion protested in Melbourne today. Another case of fear mongering and confirmation bias driving people to protest and act like cultists.

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Snap ‘climate emergency’ rally to disrupt parts of Melbourne CBD at midday
http:// https://www.news.com.au/technology/environment/climate-change/snap-climate-emergency-rally-to-disrupt-parts-of-melbourne-cbd-at-midday/news-story/9a7b7772590f73917d91fd1dd7a3842b


The Climate Change Cult – References

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Today students skipped school to protest climate change and to encourage people to #voteclimate. Sadly these children are just sock puppets for activists who are being indoctrinated into cult-like thinking. Should we be concerned?

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The climate change cult: 10 warning signs


Kids as young as TEN trash a politician’s office while chanting ‘kill ScoMo’ as thousands of students skip class for climate change protest


Australia’s Recycling Scam

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Today I look at a recent article from New.com.au discussing the 60 Minutes story about Australia’s plastic recycling industry. If shipping plastic overseas to be burned in illegal processing facilities, is how the Greenies want us to recycle, what will their Carbon Tax end up being?

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Environmental Veganism is Pointless – References

#VeganActivism #Environmentalism #CarbonOffset

Today we look at the claims that a Vegan diet is good for the environment and find that a year’s worth of veganism is equal to two cups of coffee. We then look at some Carbon Offset projects in Australia and I am surprised at the lack of innovation.

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How Much Does It Cost To Become Carbon Neutral For An Entire Year?


The Carbon Market Institute


Aboriginal Carbon Foundation


Ban the Beef?


The Children’s Climate Strike – References

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Let’s look at today’s climate strike and the preparation and evidence of support from #GetUp.It looks like a generation of students is being trained to be and identify with left-wing political activism. Would they strike for #freespeech?

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Students def calls to stay in school to protest climate change