Elizabeth Quay towers defects fiasco

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The luxury Elizabeth Quay Tower in Perth is plagued with defects with one $2million apartment having 200 alone. While Mark Gibson tries to make a tenuous link to Opal Tower this is more a lesson of the dangers associated with buying off the plan and residential tower developer. A premium price does not mean premium quality.

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Elizabeth Quay towers plagued by leaks and building defects


Opal Tower Still Empty and Australian’s off the Sirius Tender

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Today we look at the 169 apartments empty Apartments in Opal Tower. Then we look at the tender process for the development of the $500 million Sirius public housing block in NSW. Why are there no Australian backed groups? Wouldn’t the multiplier effect be greater if the funding for the project was from Australian sources?

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In Sydney’s Opal Tower, 169 apartments remain empty almost four months after evacuation


Sirius bidders kept in the dark


Work on Collins Arch Halted – References

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Work has been halted on CBUS’s Collins Arch project at 447 Collins Street in Melbourne because of Pre-Cast Column issues. Given recent events at Opal Tower, it is not surprising that people are concerned.

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Precast column movement concerns stops work at CBUS 447 Collins Street, Pantscaper twin tower project

China’s strangest buildings, from pairs of pants to ping-pong bats


UNSW’s Plan to save us from another Opal – References

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I look at an article from UNSW outlining a new ARC Linkage Grant project that aims to address the severe and growing concern about building quality issues in the multi-unit housing sector. I wonder if they will look at the procurement methodology for all of the buildings they review?



After Opal Tower: UNSW researchers to investigate major building defects


Finding The Perfect Apartment Block – References

#Opal #ApartmentLiving #Strata

I look at an opinion piece by Jimmy Thomson from the Australian Financial Review with advice about finding the perfect Apartment Block. Given the drop in consumer confidence following Opal Tower everyone is going to be extra vigilant.

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How to spot a perfectly managed apartment block

Calls for a Building Industry Royal Commission – References

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I look at recent calls by the Builders Collective for a Royal Commission into our Building Industry and learn about the powers of a Royal Commission.

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Why Buildings Stand Up

Why Buildings Fall Down Why Structures Fail



‘Appalling failures’: call for building industry royal commission


25% of Men Feel Like Failures – References

#Men #Failure #Stoicism

I look at a recent survey that shows 25% of men feel like a failure and that they are worrying about Money, Health and other’s opinions. All concerns that can be addressed by adopting and understanding stoicism. I then look at the American Psychological Association’s recent guide for Men and Boys that lists stoicism as one of the harmful aspects of traditional masculinity.



One in four men feel like ‘failures’, survey finds

Male Psychology: What’s Wrong With APA’s Masculinity Guidelines ?

APA GUIDELINES for Psychological Practice with Boys and Men

The Definitive List of Stoicism in History & Pop Culture

APA issues first-ever guidelines for practice with men and boys

The Lacrosse Tower Outcome – References

#Lacrosse #Cladding #Fire

We look at an article about the recent ruling concerning the Lacrosse Tower Cladding Fire court case in which owners were awarded over $5.7 Million Dollars. I then read through portions of the judgement to understand why the Architect, Building Surveyor and Fire Engineer had to pay damages to the Builder under and Design and Construction Contract. Shockingly I agree with the Judge!


Lacrosse apartment owners awarded $5.7 million in damages after flammable cladding blaze


The Elara Apartment Disaster – References

#Elara #Construction #Failure

I look at the Elara Apartment disaster in which owners have an estimated $19 million repair build due to shoddy construction work. Opal Tower is shining a light on questionable construction practices in Australia, but sadly owners seem to be the people paying.



Elara apartment owners lose Federal Court compensation bid