Construction Opal Tower

Opal Tower Builder Wins Legal Battle | Apartment Construction Update

Opal Tower Builder, Icon, has won an important legal battle with their insurance providers.


The $26 million Opal Tower Bill

Icon has spent $26 million on the Opal Evacuation and repairs.

Construction Economy

Fire Defects Risking Lives

#Construction #Defects #Fire Fire protection defects might be the next Australian construction issue facing the industry. References Builder claims he was sacked for pointing out fire safety defect

Opal Tower

The Opal Tower Defects Bill

#OpalTower #Defects #Construction Icon construction only allocated $1 million for defects in Opal Tower. An insufficient amount given that Icon has reportedly spent $24 million already. References Opal Tower builder Icon put aside $1 million for building defects but has spent $24 million so far Opal Tower built on ‘bargain basement prices’ — say subcontractors

AUSPol Economy

Australia’s Research and Development Stagnation

#Research #R&D #Australia Australia’s Research and Development investment is stagnating and dropping on a global level. References

Construction Mordialloc Apartment

Mordialloc Apartment Evacuation

#Construction #Evacuation #Apartment A decade-old apartment building in Mordialloc, Victoria has been evacuated due to fire cladding and life safety risks. This problem is going to continue to grow. References Melbourne apartment block unsafe to live in due to cladding and fire safety, residents told to leave

Opal Tower

Opal Tower Court Case Delayed

#OpalTower #CourtCase #Australia The Opal Tower class action lawsuit has been delayed by 42 days due to the complexity of the class-action lawsuit. Let’s look at the Judges concerns and the portions of the Home Building Act that would be relevant to this case. References


Darwin’s Non-Compliant Buildings

#Darwin #Construction #Non-Compliant Several buildings in Darwin and surrounding suburbs have been discovered to have structural non-compliant issues. Should the department have made their investigation public so prospective buyers could have been informed? References NT Government knew of structural flaws in Darwin buildings, but didn’t tell owners

Construction Social Justice Socialism

The Socialist Parties Solution to the Construction Industry

#Australia #Development #Construction Let’s critique the Socialist Party of Australia’s response to the decline in construction confidence. The idea of nationalising dodgy developers is really going to socialise the loss. References

Construction Economy The Ralan Group

Ralan Group Spent Everyone’s Deposits

#RalanGroup #Employment #Recession It appears that the Ralan Group may have spent the deposits of people who purchased off the plan. References Most off-plan deposits for Ralan units ‘have been spent’