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Dodgy Child Care Centres

#AusPol #ChildCare #DayCare Dodgy Child Care Centres have been costing the federal government over 670 million dollars and help fund terrorist and bikie gangs. Is this just part of the deadweight loss when the government get involved in an industry? How could NSW let people set-up a child care centre online? (Note: please forgive some […]


Fleeing London to Avoid Knife Crime

#London #KnifeCrime #SadiqKahn Refugee parents are sending their children back to East Africa to avoid knife violence in London. Don’t people realise that living in one of the knife violence capitals of the world is just part of living in a modern multi-cultural metropolis? Perhaps Sadiq Kahn declaring his intentions to reduce stop and search […]


Don’t have kids and save the planet. – References

Antinatalism #ClimateChange #Children I look at a recent Triple J Hack article by Jo Lauder, which surveyed women about climate change and their decision to have children. Sadly it seems a generation of western women doesn’t want to have children because of climate change while advocating for immigration of people to Highly Developed nations. References […]

Food News Political Commentary

Vegan Diets are not safe for Children – References   #vegan #malnutrition #rickets The Vegan diet has killed children. References Lily Nichols: Is The Low Carb High Fat Diet Safe During Pregnancy? (Biohackers) 2008 Couple face questioning after vegan daughter suffers bone disease 2011 French vegan couple whose baby died of vitamin deficiency after being fed solely on breast milk face […]