Vegan Politicians and Kangaroo Contraceptives

#VeganActivism #Environmentalism #KangarooCulling Newly elected NSW Legislative Assembly member Emma Hurst wants to ban egg production from Australia, give Kangaroos Contraceptives and represent the animals (who didn’t vote for her). This is why we need to have voluntary voting because people are obviously making decisions based on their emotions and feeling happy. References Newly-elected Emma […]

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Environmental Veganism is Pointless – References

#VeganActivism #Environmentalism #CarbonOffset Today we look at the claims that a Vegan diet is good for the environment and find that a year’s worth of veganism is equal to two cups of coffee. We then look at some Carbon Offset projects in Australia and I am surprised at the lack of innovation. References How Much […]

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The Vegan Uprising has begun

#VeganActivism #Dominion #AnimalActivists Vegan activists have staged protests in several cities throughout Australia, further cementing public frustration, all because they wanted everyone to watch a documentary. References Animal activists protest across the country, storm abattoirs, block Melbourne’s Flinders St