Election 2019 – Political Violence in Australia

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Sadly our recent federal election has seen some acts of political violence that are very unusually for Australia. Can you guess which side the violence is coming from?

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One Nation truck set on fire



Election 2019 – Could One Nation Win Hunter

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Stuart Bonds who was running for the house of reps in Hunter NSW has achieved an amazing 21% primary vote results. Could he win One Nation’s first house of reps seat and wrestle Hunter away from 100 years of Labor complacency? Let’s have a look at the current results and theory craft how the preferences might flow.

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Steve Dickson Resigns from One Nation

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Steve Dickson resigned from One Nation today because of secret footage obtained by Al Jazeera via entrapment. While I appreciate that Steve had to resign because he entered a situation in which he could be blackmailed, I am worried that more people are not outraged by the methods and deceptions deployed by Al Jazeera?

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Unions to Access Private Homes

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Legislation in Western Australia might give unions access to private homes. Once again legislation will hurt those at the bottom of our economy.

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Koshie’s Lies on Sunrise

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There have been at least six terrorist attacks since Christchurch and Koshie is claiming that Hanson’s rhetoric is inciting a huge risk from the supremacists and alt-right. Look’s like Australia is taking the same path as the USA and has entered a ‘post-truth’ world.

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Terrorist Attacks Map

Kochie Confronts Pauline

Remove Fraser Anning from parliament

One Nation Calls for Genetic Testing of Aboriginals – References

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Mark Latham from One Nation is calling for genetic testing to prove Aboriginal Identity to reduce welfare fraud. Imagine how many people would suffer from cognitive dissonance when they get the results?


One Nation wants Aboriginal people to ‘prove’ ancestry with DNA tests