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📈 Wall Street at Records Levels Hoping for Stimulus

Wall Street at Records Levels Hoping for Stimulus


Banks Profits Down by 42% |ANZ Westpac Update

ANZ profits have crashed and Westpac’s cash earning are also down.

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First Home Buyers FOMO

#RealEstate #FOMO #Sydney Domain is warning potential first home buyers to hurry into the Sydney market because prices are about to rise due to the positive property sentiment. Given that consumer and business confidence is low, housing prices are declining, we are in a per capita recession and unemployment is trending up, why should we […]

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Sydney’s Apartment Disasters

#Sydney #Construction #Architecture Sydney’s Apartment boom has resulted in “Godzilla” monster apartment developments throughout the city. Using the books “Great Streets” and “A Pattern Language”, let’s look at some design principles and see how they have have been applied to the streets of Mascot. References Great Streets A Pattern Language