Social Justice Rhetoric

Let’s look at some Social Justice Rhetoric.

ALP (Party) AUSPol Election 2019

Kerri-Anne and Labor’s National Gender Commission

Election2019 #ShiftTheWindow #AusPol Recently Kerri-Anne Kennerley warned her audience that “If Bill Shorten gets in, it’s the end of life as we know it,”. While it may seem hyperbolic, her concerns about Labor’s obsession with identity politics and their desire to establish a National Gender Centre and New Commissioner seems warranted. We look a clip […]

Political Commentary Social Justice

Whittlesea Library Has Rainbow Story Time

#AusPol #RainbowStoryTime #Whittlesea Whittlesea library has brought rainbow story time to Australian and wants to fight prejudice by promoting stereotypes. Why do children need to read too by Adult performers from venues that would never allow children to enter? References

Free Speech

It’s not ok to be White on Facebook – References

#FacebookBan #Discrimination #FacebookPolicy Facebook has changed its policy to ban White Nationalism and White Separatism, but will not ban Black Nationalism or Separatism or other similar race or ethnic based groups. So it looks like Facebook is discriminating again people based on their race. References

Feminism MRA

International Women’s Day is Socialist – References

#BalanceforBetter #IWD2019 #Socialism To celebrate International Women’s Day and their Balance for Better theme I look at historical propaganda posters about women, women’s issues and socialism. People need to learn the socialist roots of International Women’s Day. References “When women vote it won’t be lawful for a man to remain single” Anti-Suffragette Poster, 1910s […]

Social Justice

#OwnVoice destroying Young Adult Literature – References

#OwnVoice #SensitivityReader #SJW I look at the #OwnVoice hashtag and the example of sensitivity reader, Kosoko Jackson, being criticised by his own community. The left truly is eating themselves. References Wolves A YA sensitivity reader watched his own community kill his debut novel before it was ever released.

Political Commentary

Hate Crime Hoaxes – References

#HateCrime #Hoaxes #Smollett I look at an article written by Frank Cung where he outlines a series of hate crime hoaxes over the years. The left really is ideologically possed and will use any means necessary. References A brief history of hate crime hoaxes

Education Feminism MRA

The Oxford Gender Grade Gap – References

#Oxford #Wamen #MRA I look at a recent article from the Telegraph discussing plans to reform the Classics syllabus at Oxford University to make it easier for Women to achieve First Class Honours. References Oxford University’s Classics degree to be overhauled in bid to boost number of female students getting Firsts

Multiculturalism News Political Commentary

Happy Australia Day – Let’s Talk about the Invasion

#AustraliaDay #InvasionDay #SurvivalDay Sorry, I get emotional at the end.   Why you can’t say ‘Happy Australia Day’ anymore Austro-Prussian War

Feminism Food MRA Political Commentary

A Real Kinder Surprise – Reference

A Real Kinder Surprise #KinderSurprise #SocialJustice #Imagine People creating drama out of nothing. References BAD EGGS Mums left in shock after finding ‘racist KKK’ toys inside Kinder Surprise Eggs